Jr. Blue-chippers Mulling San Antonio Trip

GoBlueWolverine caught up with two of the top juniors in Michigan to find out whether they intended to participate in the Army Junior Combine in San Antonio later this week. Livonia Stevenson's Austin White and Inkster's Devin Gardener discussed their possible attendance, the latest in their recruitment, rumors of a possible transfer next year so they can play together, and more.

"I was thinking about (attending the combine), but I have to talk to my parents about it," said the state's #3 junior, Livonia Stevenson tailback Austin White.  "We've talked about it little bit and I really haven't made a decision… but I think I'm going to go."

The state of Michigan's top junior, Inkster QB Devin Gardner, would've given strong consideration to attending as well, but that consideration was missing a necessary prerequisite.

"I never got invited," he said.  "I might still try to go if they invite me."

Both youngsters are currently participating on their basketball teams so they haven't spent as much of their recent time focusing on their football futures.  That said, on a few occasions they have still managed to chat about the topic college coaches.

"Right now I'm talking to schools and going through offseason training and stuff like that," White said.  "I'm talking to UCLA a little bit more.  I've been talking to Chuck Bullough, the recruiting coach for this area, and he told me he was excited and wanted to get to know more about me and wanted to talk to me more.   I got two verbal (offers) from Purdue and Wisconsin… so now (the aforementioned two) plus Iowa, Michigan State, and Michigan have all offered.  I stay in contact with the coaches from Michigan and Michigan State.  I talked to (Michigan assistant) Coach (Rod) Smith a little bit and he said after they wrap up the class of 2009 they are going to start coming to more of my basketball games and stuff like that.  That'd be cool.  Then I've always stayed contact with Michigan State because my brothers tell me stuff and I've been talking to them."

"I talked to both Coach Rodriguez and Coach Dantonio a few weeks ago," Gardner added.  "I was just telling them how the season was going and everything.  I talked to Penn State and Ohio State last night.  I didn't go to Ohio State (for a planned November visit).  I might go on the 25th for the junior day.  They still haven't offered me.  They just want my tape first.  That's the only thing they're waiting on."

The two talented youngsters have also spent a little bit of time chatting with each other about the future.  Rumors of a possible transfer by White to Inkster have been flying in recent weeks.  While possibility is certainly intriguing, White indicated that nothing is imminent.

"We thought about it a little bit, but as of right now I'm going to stay a Spartan."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on White and Gardener in the coming days.

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