GBW Army Interview: WR Je'Ron Stokes

Jeremy Gallon got all the pass-action for the East offense on Monday, but next to him on the outside was Philly wideout Je'Ron Stokes. The Tennessee decommit is visiting Michigan soon, so GBW spoke to him after practice.

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You're visiting Michigan next weekend, right?

"Well it's not officially set yet, but I intend to, yes. I'll be calling Michigan on Sunday to get it confirmed."

Where else are you visiting in January?

"I plan to visit Illinois, and Georgia."

And what about Florida ... are they out of the running?

"No ... not really."

And what about Tennessee, where you decommitted from?

"I wouldn't say they're out either; I'm still considering them."

That's a lot of Southern schools for a Philly guy.

"Well, I have family in Northern Georgia ... so Tennessee was only two or three hours away from them."

So it's back to 'square one' for you then?

(laughing) "No, not quite. Because I've learned a lot about how to make my choice."

What have you learned?

"I've learned what really important to me: a family atmosphere, a stable coaching situation, a quarterback who can get me the ball, and playing time."

On another note, you were out there with Jeremy Gallon today. What did you think of him?

"He know how to find the creases. But (laughing good-hearedly) he is in the slot - he gets to run up the field against linebackers and safeties ... I get the corners!"

Scouting report: Stokes is a speed guy, I'd say sub 4.5. And he is, I'd say, a true 6-1, 185-190. Can he catch it? He didn't really get a chance to try today, with most all the action going to Gallon over the middle. He reminds me of Junior Hemingway plus an extra inch of height. BTW, he's a polished, classy kid too.

As far as recruiting goes ... the South does have a bit of an allure, but, as he says, he's telling himself to focus on the right team-situation now.

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