Carr on Injuries, Position Switches, Recruiting

The Wolverines leave Dec. 20 for Tampa for the Outback Bowl. Coach Carr spoke this week on injuries, position switches, recruiting.

On the inside linebacker position against Florida ... "Florida ... is mostly a one-back team. Victor Hobson's move to inside linebacker should work well. You can look for (Scott) McClintock and Hobson to start at the inside linebacker positions."

On other linebacker injuries ... "Carl Diggs will not participate in spring practice, and Zach Kaufman will not participate in spring practice. Lawrence Reid will be limited. Roy Manning I think would have the best chance."

On the shifting of another player to linebacker ... "I don't think so. But it could change. I am not being evasive ... well, maybe I am. We might change one, but that's all I'll say."

On the status of Julius Curry ... "Julius is fine. He's close to full strength. By game time, he'll be at full strength."

Carr Comments on Recruiting

On how he allocates the last scholarships he has left -- by best available player, first-come, first-served or filling in certain holes ... "Well, you look at all those things. If you have met your needs, then you take the best player. If you haven't met your needs then you have to take a little bit different tact to fill a certain position. You may wait on somebody that you normally wouldn't. It always has a way of working out although it doesn't always work out the way you want it to. It is always interesting because there are always some surprises both ways. It is different every year. I like where we are right now.

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