USAAB Game:Deciders, Depth Charts, Prediction

The USAAB game is at hand - kickoff is at 1 PM Eastern on NBC. Who is announcing today? And here are East and West Depth Charts. And a GBW game prediction.

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Big Will and the other USAAB Announcement-Deciders today.

USAAB Projected East Depth Chart (don't worry that Will isn't listed as starting .. it's because he's playing BOTH ways).

USAAB Projected West Depth Chart.


GBW Game Prediction: These games are usually a bit of a mess, with little blocking evident. Offensive guys who can play in space usually make the difference ... as, on the other side of the ball, do the best DB's and DL's.

These games are equally hard to predict, and this is especially true this year because neither team has great-great QBs ... the East's Aaron Murray, Kevin Newsome and Tajh Boyd may be the most effective, we'll see ... and we think that the East has the combo of: (1) best-in-space guys in RB Bryce Brown, WR Jeremy Gallon (if his groin is okay), and the fast Je'Ron Stokes on the outside; (2) DL's in Big Will, Big Will and Big Will; (3) and CBs in J.T. Turner and co.

And so .. we think the East will win ... as we say, however, it's very hard to predict.

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