Brady Hoke New Ball State Coach

From the AP wire: Michigan Assistant Coach Brady Hoke was hired as Ball State University's football coach Wednesday afternoon. Hoke is an alumnus and former football captain at Ball State.<br><br> Yours truly got ahold of former U-M assistant Recruiting Coordinator Mark Ouimet Wednesday evening and asked him about the ramifications of Hoke leaving Michigan.

Mark, what do you think about Brady Hoke going to Ball State?

"It's good to see another Michigan assistant get a head coach job. It speaks well of Coach Carr and the program."

"First off, Brady Hoke does a great job on recruiting because he gets to know the families well; he does a good job in the home. So he'll do even a better job as head coach with recruiting than as an assistant coach I believe. Because it is in the home that the head coach has to be the strongest, to seal the deal."

"Hoke will assemble coaches from his various coaching stops: Western Michigan, Toledo, Oregon, and maybe a grad assistant or two from Michigan."

"He'll have a late start in recruiting of course: Central, Western and Marshall have the jump on him. But he'll get his staff in place by January 1st, get some coordinators who know the 'X's and O's', then hit the road recruiting in January. Ball State is a hard place to recruit to, because of its location (Muncie, in Eastern Indiana) mainly. But he will get some Michigan kids, and he'll keep his ties in California. Ball State has won before -- they won when Brady played there (he was a four-year letter winner at Ball State from 1977-80 and was captain of the 1980 team)."

Mark, how will Hoke's leaving affect Michigan's California recruits (Hoke's Michigan recruiting territory was the West Coast)?

"I'm sure Coach Carr will call them all tomorrow if hasn't already. He will send a position coach, or Coach Sheridan (recruiting coordinator, but as a coach he can 'travel' to recruit) out there to man the last month of Brady's recruiting. They have one main non-committed kid, correct? The running back (Lynell) Hamilton. Fred Jackson (U-M running back coach) will probably go out and see him. Michigan should be okay."

Okay Mark, I'm going to send you out on a limb. Who do you think will replace Hoke at Michigan?

"Okay. My top two candidates are Corwin Brown, currently special teams coach at Virginia, and Doug Mallory, the secondary coach at Oklahoma State (both were four-year letterwinners at Michigan as defensive backs: Brown from 1989-92, Mallory from 1984-87; Brown had a seven-year NFL career as well). Brown could coach special teams and/or even be recruiting coordinator (he's a very good recruiter), and Mallory could coach on the defense somewhere. Depending on who they hire, other Michigan assistants could move around a little, and recruiting areas could change some as well."

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