Gordon Excited by the Vibe at UM

Inkster (MI) WR/ATH Cameron Gordon made his official visit this weekend and the experience exceeded all of his expectations. He chatted with GBW about the position-plan for him next year, about how the snow-play boosted the weekend esp. for the Southern kids, about going to Coach Rod's house ... and about his plan to woo Jr. QB Devin Gardener. And more.

A few months ago Inkster ATH Cameron Gordon questioned whether he would follow through on his dream of becoming a Michigan Wolverine.  Lack of familiarity with the new regime was the primary reason for the uncertainty, but as the weeks and months went by, his comfort level grew.  That ultimately led to his decision to don the Maize & Blue.  His official visit this weekend only confirmed that he had made the right choice.

"It went good," Gordon said of his time in Ann Arbor.  "I got a chance to hang out with some of my future teammates and I talked to Coach Rod.  It was good.  Barwis showed us the weight room and showed us the crazy workouts.  He's an intense guy.  Real intense! (Laughing).  I'd been up there numerous times, so it was mainly for mother.  I think she loved it.  She just wants a place for me to succeed.  She already liked the school because it's close and because of the good academics.   On the visit she got to spend a lot of time talking to Coach Dews. "

One of the primary differences from previous trips to Ann Arbor was the extended one on one time Gordon had with his future coaches.  That interaction afforded him the chance to gain further clarity on what the plan for him will be when he arrives on campus.

"They left the choice (of position) up to me," Gordon stated.  "The position I want to play is wideout.  That's the position I want to go in playing.  We talked about how they expect for me to work hard and everything, and I understand that.  That's what I'm going to do.  The main thing was we got a chance to spend time together and get to know one another a little bit better.   I feel like they understand where I'm coming from and I understand where they're coming from too."

When not chatting it up with the coaches, the 6-3, 215-pounder was busy building a rapport with both the players and with his fellow recruits.  The giant snow storm didn't take away from what was a festive atmosphere.  As a matter of fact, it only enhanced it.

"My host was Kenny Demens from Country Day," Gordon reported.  "We chilled in his dorm room and went to a few spots and that's about it. And then we got into a little snowball fight.  It was cool.  (The southern recruits) were actually playing in the snow.  We went inside the Big House to the field and they just started making snowballs, and snow angels, and all of that.  It was a comfortable vibe (amongst the recruits).  Everybody wasn't all shy and everything.  I felt like we were acting like we knew (one another) for the longest.  There were two kids from Florida, one from Ohio, and one from Louisiana.    Plus there was Sam (Montgomery).  Sam is a funny dude (laughing).  We hung out a lot.  We were all hanging out with each other.  Coach Rod had all of the recruits come over his house the last day.  We hung out over there, watched the game, played a few cards, and ate.  We were all cracking jokes, threw snowballs, at each other and everything.  I just got a good vibe."

Gordon hopes the positive vibe in Ann Arbor will win over one of his high school teammates as well, junior quarterback Devin Gardener.

"We're going to work on Devin," said Gordon.  "He's going to have to come.  We're going to have to get him there up at Michigan.  We're going to have to get him there."

Only time will tell if those efforts pay off.

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