Michigan Moves up With Stallworth

Leesville, LA ATH Travante Stallworth and paid Michigan a visit last weekend and he came away from his time in Ann Arbor extremely impressed. The talented youngster chatted with GoBlueWolverine earlier this week about how Maize & Blue figures into his recruitment, his visit plans, his decision timetable, and more.

Travante Stallworth Profile

"Everything was nice," Stallworth said regarding his Michigan visit.  "I enjoyed everything.  I interacted with the players real well.  My host was Terrence Robinson.  I saw J.T. Floyd, I talked to Greg Mathews, I talked to Tate Forcier, Vincent Smith, Justin Feagin… I saw a whole lot of players really. I interacted well with the coaches also.  My mom had a little bond with some of the coaches, so everything was real nice.  They are all real down to earth.  They understand where me and my mom are coming from on everything.  They told us that that would be my second home up there and that they would take care of me and that my mom wouldn't have anything to worry about."

Unlike many other southern recruits, Stallworth didn't hold the weather as one of his primary worries heading into the visit.  However, ten inches of snow has a way a creating concern where none previously existed.  But as was the case with the other prospects in town for the weekend, Stallworth found the weather enjoyable.

"I've been in snow before so that really wasn't nothing new," he said.  "I actually enjoyed the snow.  Me and some of the other recruits were having fun in it.  We actually had a snowball fight with Coach Rod in the Big House and that was kind of fun."

In between all of the fun and games there was time to talk business.  Stallworth got a better feel for how he'd fit in both on and off the field.

"They took us to the academics parts (of campus) and showed us how they study," he recalled.   "The players come in every day to do their work and if they need help on anything, they'll help them with it.  They took us to dinner and we ate real good.   They also showed us all of the facilities they've got going in…. the construction and everything and how everything was going to look when they get done."

"On the football field they said I'd mainly be playing slot receiver and maybe get a few reverses  here and there," Stallworth continued.  "They'd try to get me the ball (in different ways).  I'd also be a return man, and if the time comes maybe a backup quarterback also."

On the strength of such a positive trip, have the Wolverines made up ground in Stallworth's recruitment?

"They actually did move up," the talented youngster responded.  "I'm giving them a real good look.  I am taking a visit to South Carolina (this weekend) and then I'm going to Auburn the week after.  I'm going to take every visit and see what everybody has to offer and see if they can offer me what Michigan is offering and then make my decision from there I'll probably wait until signing day to figure out everything, or maybe after my last visit.  I might make my decision a week or so after."

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