Je'Ron Stokes to GBW: has Michigan moved up?

GoBlueWolverine caught up with Philly USAAB-AA wideout Je'Ron Stokes as he was on his way back home from his Michigan visit this weekend. Did the visit move Michigan up?

Philly Northeast USBBA WR Je'Ron Stokes (6-1, 180, 4.45),'s #161 prospect, told GBW:

"We're leaving Ann Arbor right now, my parents and I. We're at the airport."

So ... how was it?

"It was real nice. I really enjoyed it. Let's just say it was a very positive experience."

Would you say it strengthened Michigan in your eyes?

"Yes ... ummmm, I don't want to say more than that."

Talk about the weekend a little.

"My host was Daryl Stonum. He showed me a good time, and I hung around with a lot of players and the new guys like Big Will. DC kept it real about the program, he told me what he liked. He just told me to make sure I asked a lot of questions."

What questions did you need answered?

"Mainly about the Michigan passing attack. Coming from West Virginia, it seems like the attack was run and gun ... so all the questions and negative recruiting about Michigan passing the ball -- I got those answered."

Did Michigan talk about you as an outside receiver, or as a slot - because it looks like you could play either.

"That's exactly it. Coach Dews and Coach Rodriguez say they see me as a playmaker - they'd play me outside and inside, wherever they can get the ball in my hands ... as a playmaker."

Talk about your relationship with Tony Dews, who is your recruiter as well as potential position coach.

"Coach Dews - he's cool, he was keeping it real with me. I have a real good relationship with him, and my dad likes him. He's a coach that can get me to next level, bring out the best in me ... and I like him as person. We just like Coach Dews a lot."

"I definitely feel good about whole situation."

So this visit has made a difference for you?

"Yeah, definitely. Now I'll go home, go back my drawing board, redo the pros and cons of my schools."

What's next for you?

"I'm visiting Illinois next week ... and Penn State after that although the date is not set yet ... but it'll (PSU) be the last weekend before Signing Day (Jan. 30)."

"Penn State was there recruiting me before I committed (to Tennessee), but they just got back in on me recently."

Was Penn State the school you followed growing up?

"No. When I was growing up I really didn't follow any college teams, I didn't have any favorites. I followed great players -- -- Braylon, Edwards, Deshawn Jackson, Percy Harvin ..."

You made quite an impression during Army Week.

"I competed, I had fun ... I had fun hanging out with the Michigan guys there, Tate (Forcier) and Big Will and all of them."

In the end do you think it'll come down to Michigan and Penn State?

"Well ... ummm ... maybe ... I don't want to say on the record."

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