Jeremy Gallon Gets His Questions Answered

Jeremy Gallon made his way from warm Apopka, Fla. to the frigid climes of mid-January Michigan ... but the weather was not what he had a question about ...

"The main thing I had a question about was the academic support," Apopka, Fla. USAAB-AA Slot/Athlete Jeremy Gallon told GoBlueWolverine. "That is my biggest concern with college."

And how did the Wolverines answer this for Jeremy?

"It was great. They put me at ease. The academic support there is a big focus for them, and Ms. Acho (Sherri Acho) answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable. And the Academic Center - that was great. It shows they mean what they say."

Okay, that concern was put to rest. How about the weather?

"Nah, that wasn't a concern for me. I'd never been to the North before, but I liked it -- the show, the cold weather. We had fun with it. The weather was no problem at all."

What else was notable about the visit for you?

"The best part was hanging around with the players and getting to know them. Terrance Robinson, Greg Mathews, Steven Threet, Mike Jones, DC (Daryl Stonum) -- getting to know them was great."

Having Stonum around meant the recruit he hosted, Je'Ron Stokes, was part of the group as well. And ...???

"Yeah, Je'Ron was with us a lot of the time too. I'd gotten to know him at the Army Game. He's a great guy and he likes Michigan - he had a good time on his visit too."

As far as the coaches are concerned he said:

"The told me to get ready and expect to compete for playing time right away. I could play slot receiver, or return kicks, or play running back -- I'll play whatever they want."

"Michigan is my school and I'm just eager to get up there and get started!"

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