Brendan Gibbons All-Ready for Michigan

GBW spoke to another Floridian who was in Ann Arbor for the SUB-zero weekend -- kicker commitment Brendan Gibbons. Gibbons chimes in on the weather, on the early-enrollees, on Je'Ron Stokes, on next year for him at U-M, and more.

Place kicker commitment Brendan Gibbons made the trek to Ann Arbor last weekend from West Palm Beach, Florida -- kind've a 'snow bird' in reverse.

""Yeah, I'd never been in the winter before," he told GoBlueWolverine. "But really it was fine. I grew up where it's really hot and Michigan was cold -- it was interesting, the difference, that's all."

"They told us it was the coldest weekend in a couple years. But it was no big deal. It's not like you're outside all the time. You just put on as many coats as you need! We actually had fun with it."

Brendan went on to talk about who he hung around with.

"My host was Steven Threet, and I hung around with a lot of the newly enrolled guys. Anthony Lalota (a fellow East USAAB-AA) had texted me and said to get ahold of him when I got there, so we went out - he and I and Tate Forcier (note: we'd heard that Tate and Anthony had already been hitting it off with the ladies!). And I hung around with Brandin Hawthorne and Vincent Smith too - we were all together a lot."

Three of those early-enrolled-newbies are warm weather kids as well. So, we asked, Gibbons - how are they liking Michigan, and Ann Arbor?

"Those guys all say it's just great! They're loving it -- they say it's the best thing ever! They love Coach Barwis. It made me wish I was already up there."

Another East USAAB-AA on the visit was wide receiver Je'Ron Stokes. Gibbons spoke about him as well.

"Yeah, I actually spent a lot of time with Je'Ron. He really liked it too. I think Michigan has a strong shot. I hope we get him because he's a great talent. I worked on him. But he did tell me that Penn State was in it for him as well."

One interesting, and different, thing about Gibbons is that he'd always said Michigan was his favorite - that if Michigan offered, he'd commit. And he even hung in there when U-M offered Anthony Fera first. So what is it about Michigan that is so appealing to Brendan?

"It's the academics. And the football tradition. It's the best combination of both in the country - what else can you say?"

And finally, what did the Michigan coaches say to Brendan about next season?

"They told me to get ready to compete for a starting job next season -- both place kicking and kicking off. So I'm going to go in there and do the best I can to win the job."

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