Team Travels To Tampa Today

The Wolverine football team heads to St. Petersburg today for its 'early practice period'. And there has been speculation over just who may be traveling as part of the team. And more speculating has been rife as well.

The Wolverine football team will spend the next few days staying and practicing in St. Petersburg, then will move over to nearly Tampa for the official Outback Bowl fesitivites.

There has been speculation over whether running back Kelly Baraka will be on the Wolverine plane today. This is an internal team matter, and as such would have to be reported by Michigan's Sports Information Department. Even after his suspension from the team, Baraka has stayed in school at U-M.

There also has been talk (and speculation) for the past several days that last year's recruit Quinton McCoy (5-10, 180 lbs., 4.4 in the 40, now living in Waterford, Mich.) may be traveling with the team as well. McCoy has been 'firmly in the Michigan fold' for a year now, just waiting for a slightly higher test score in order to enroll at Michigan. If he is in fact ready to enroll in January then he would be permitted to travel with the team to Tampa/St. Pete. Point in fact: it was discovered, too late, that Marcus Curry could have gone with the team two years ago to its bowl game in a similar situation. If McCoy is ready to enroll at Michigan at this time, he would be counted by Michigan as part of the 2002/03 recruiting class. However, this is a delicate matter, and is also a mixture of a team-and-recruiting matter, and we'd been asked by the family to let this be announced by Michigan or by the McCoy family as they see fit.


Final, a small editorial: as far as recent loose talk about a 'silent commitment' by a top recruit to Michigan. It is my personal conviction that 'silent verbal' is an oxymoron. A certain in-state defensive lineman gave two such 'silent verbals' to Michigan, and we saw the final result this week. In past years Charles Rogers and Travis Johnson were also less-than-memorable 'silent commitments'. When a recruit publically announces he has chosen Michigan and has dropped all other visits -- THEN he is committed, not before. And on a related matter: the 'recruiting press' should just stand back and let a recruit announce his commitment when he wants to. We should be the recruiting press, not the recruiting paparazzi.

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