Mr. Keller Chats

Yours truly chatted this morning about 'things' with Mike Keller, father of Michigan quarterback commitment <B>Sam Keller</b>.

Mike Keller, father of Sam Keller, told yours truly:

"I didn't go with Sam on his Michigan visit last weekend. The parents go that still are part of the recruiting process, and so in that case the school is recruiting the parents too. Sam's mother knows the school well too so she didn't go either."

"Sam told me his visit was terrific. Matt Gutierrez, his host, was terrific as well. Sam loves Michigan, and the visit reaffirmed everything for him. Michigan has done a great job staying in touch with Sam, especially Scott Loeffler. Sam has had several schools continue to recruit him, especially after the Clayton RIchard commitment. Cal is still working on him. But Sam's coming to Michigan."

"Sam knows the running back recruit near us from Stockton, Lynell Hamilton. They have talked on the phone several times. They just talk, not about recruiting really. And they scrimmaged against each other last summer. It does not seem that Hamilton is rated that highly by some. In that case he is underrated -- he is very impressive! His parents are both school teachers -- I haven't ever talked to them but I would think Michigan looks good to them."

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