Deerfield Coach optimistic on Robinson, Witty

GoBlueWolverine spoke Saturday evening with the coach of Deerfield Beach Florida tandem QB/Ath. Denard Robinson and Ath. Adrian Witty. See what he says about Michigan's chances with the speedy pair.

GBW: What can you say about Michigan's chances for Denard Robinson and Adrian Witty?

Coach Art Taylor: "I believe Michigan has a real good chance. They really represented themselves well when the coaches came down. These two young men have played ball all their lives together, and Michigan has given them the opportunity to continue that."

GBW: With Denard, did he feel his chances at playing quarterback at Michigan are a lot stronger than some other schools?

Coach Taylor: "Well a lot of the coaches were very upfront when they handled the recruiting process. Georgia came in said they were recruiting him as a receiver, but Michigan came in and said we're going to recruit you as a quarterback and give you a chance at that position. Plus Denard wants a chance to play right away, and he doesn't want to sit on the bench. He's a competitor, and I think Michigan gives him that opportunity."

GBW: What can you say about Denard as a young man, both on and off the football field?

Coach Taylor: "On the football field, in 24 years of coaching, he might be the most competitive kid I've met. Just his will to win. The team just believes in him. Off the field, he did what he had to do in the classroom. He's a very nice young man, and he's never in trouble. I'd be very happy if my son grows up to be like Denard, or Adrian."

GBW: Moving on to Adrian, what can you say about him as a young man, and how did the ACL injury affect him?

Coach Taylor: "Adrian is Denard but on defense. Adrian was our leader, and it was really unfortunate what happened to him last year. But he worked hard, and came back. He's fast. Denard is a very fast young man, and Witty before the operation, rumor has it, could beat Denard in a race. He has a lot of speed. Adrian Witty is such a polite young man, and he's not very flashy off the field. But on that field, he's everywhere. I really can't say enough about his personality either. He's a really good kid, and a fantastic student in the classroom. Never in trouble, and I've never had any problems with him on or off the field."

GBW: What did the Michigan coaches do specifically in recruiting Adrian, even though many schools backed off because of his injury?

Coach Taylor: "They were really honest with Adrian. They told him they were really interested in recruiting him, but wanted to make sure they had a position for him. When a position came open, they offered him a scholarship. It was really nice, and they were so upfront with both of these young men. Adrian was really excited to hear that he got an offer from Michigan. Michigan was one of the ones that actually stepped up."

GBW: When these two came back from their Michigan visit, what did you see from their demeanor? What was their attitude when they came back?

Coach Taylor: "I know that even before they visited, they both liked Michigan. But having the opportunity to go together was special. I think every kid from south Florida always talks about the cold weather. They both came back and told me it ain't that bad. You're only cold when you're outside, but once you're in the buildings you're warm. They were both very, very impressed with Michigan. They talked to the other football players, and they could see it was a really good place. Some of their concerns they might have had were taken away by the visit."

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