Michigan Tightens Its Grip on Jones

When Bastrop LA, DeQuinta Jones committed to Michigan back in the summer, he did so without ever seeing the school. This weekend he finally had the opportunity to gain an up close & personal feel for the Maize & Blue and came away extremely impressed. Have the Wolverines moved back out front?

DeQuinta Jones Profile

"It went good," Jones said of his time in Ann Arbor.  "I went on tours and everything and they showed me around.  We went over Coach Rod's house and played pool for a while and played a few games.  I met (defensive coordinator Greg Robinson).  He's a pretty good guy.  He's a nice guy.  I think I'm going to be coming back down there (to Michigan) in June."

As it turns out, neither the cold nor distance were enough to cause Jones to have any reservations about becoming a Wolverine.

"It was all right," Jones said referring to the frosty temperatures and snow covered ground.  "It wasn't nothing to it.  The distance is not going to be an issue (either)."

So can one assume that Michigan is once again the definitive favorite to land his signature?

"You can write that," he stated.

Coming on the heels of visits to Arkansas and Auburn after which Jones made comments indicating his commitment to Michigan had softened, today's remarks are a positive sign for the Maize & Blue.  That being said, a slight hint of uncertainty still exists.  When asked when he'd know for sure what his destination would be, he replied, "I'm going to sign on Signing Day."

With February 4th as the date of finality, Jones' other suitors will almost certainly use the next week and a half to try to creep into whatever opening might still be there.  One of them may be able to convince him to take advantage of his last visit weekend.

Said Jones regarding whether he will take other visits, "I don't know.  I'm not sure.  I may go to Tennessee."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Jones in the coming days.

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