Je'Ron Stokes to GBW: what's next

GoBlueWolverine caught up with Philly USAAB-AA wideout Je'Ron Stokes Monday afternoon. He talks about his Illinois visit this past weekend, where things stand, and what's happening next.

GoBlueWolverine slowed Philadelphia Northeast wide receiver Je'Ron Stokes just up long enough to catch us up on his recruiting process.

GoBlueWolverine: Tell us about your most recent visit to Illinois. How did that go for you?

Je'Ron Stokes: "The trip really went well. I had a lot of fun. I got a chance to hang out with the team, and Arrelious Benn who was my host for the weekend. That showed me a lot of love, and showed me a good time."

GBW: What did Coach Zook tell you about how he'd use you as a freshman, or how he'd be able to get you the ball?

Stokes: "Well he said once I come in and showed what I could do, they'd want to use me like Benn. Getting me into one on one's, and get the ball and make plays. To me, he didn't really promise me anything, but just let me know that he wanted me as a part of their program."

GBW: Have you had a leader emerge, or are you still wide open with your most recent final four?

Stokes: "Well, they are my final four. At the moment I'm still committed to Tennessee, and I don't want to change that yet. I just have to make sure I'm making the right decision for my future."

GBW: You've mentioned visiting Georgia this weekend. Is that visit definitely going to take place?

Stokes: "It's not finalized yet, and we have to do that, but I'm pretty sure I should be taking that visit."

GBW: Everyone knows how important your parents are in this decision. Did they make the Illinois trip with you? Are they planning on making it to Georgia?

Stokes: "Yes they made it to Illinois. They should make it to Georgia. If they don't, I could still visit Georgia."

GBW: What in-home visits have you had so far? What other ones are scheduled for you?

Stokes: "Coach Rodriguez, Coach Dews, and Coach Magee will be in my house tomorrow. Illinois is coming in as well. Georgia is going to try to make it in this week as well."

GBW: Since your Army game experience, several other commits and recruits have tried to sway you or talk to you. What relationships have you built up?

Stokes: "I have a good relationship with (Michigan junior commitment) Ricardo Miller. And Aaron Murray from Georgia, we have a good relationship. In this process you meet so many different people, you just get to know other people. I know a lot of other people who are trying to influence me to come to their schools."

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