Roh Elated with the Robinson Hire

Scottsdale (AZ) Chaparral DE Craig Roh made his way back to Ann Arbor last weekend, this time with the intent to better acquainted with new defensive coordinator Greg Robinson. After learning of the veteran coach's plan to utilize his talents, Roh is more excited than ever.

Every year the various All American games offer the nation's top prospects the chance to see how they stack against one another.  When Scottsdale Chaparral defensive end Craig Roh arrived in Orlando to prepare for the ESPN/Under Armour game earlier this month he was rather modest when comparing himself to others.  However, by the time the game ended it was clear that the time for modesty was over.  The 6-5, 225-pounder was a consistent presence in the offensive backfield and ranked as one of the most impactful defenders at the event.

 "I think I did really good," Roh said laughing.  "The coaches just said that I was doing really good… like really really good with my pass rush moves.  The spin move was working all night.  It was really fun."

New defensive coordinator Greg Robinson mentioned that he had spent time reviewing film of the incoming recruits in his short time on the job.  Based on his conversations with Roh during his unofficial visit to Ann Arbor last weekend, it's obvious that the versatile defensive end was among those he watched.  It was also obvious that the veteran coach was impressed and has a very clear plan for his new protégé.

 "(Robinson) said that he would use me at the spinner position, which is kind of like a standup defensive end that can drop or pass rush," Roh explained.  "I can also be in a hand down stance for running plays and stuff. "

 The opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with Robinson was the primary reason for last weekend's impromptu trip.  It's clear after their interaction that Roh is as excited about Robinson as Robinson is about him.

 "I liked him a lot," Roh said of the new Wolverine assistant.  "He seemed really knowledgeable.  He just has so much experience being in the NFL and everything and coaching for as long as he has.  He's just a really good teacher and I feel like he is going to be a really good defensive coordinator."

When not chatting it up with Robinson, Roh took advantage of the opportunity to spend time with the rest of his future coaches and teammates.

"I talked to Coach Rod, Coach Tall, Coach Dews… basically most of the coaching staff," he recalled.  "We just chilled for a while. And I also hung out with some of the players.  It was good.   I spent some time with Tate Forcier and Anthony LaLota.  I spent most of my time with them.   They said they like it a lot.  It's cold up there right now.  They didn't like that too much, but they said conditioning is going really well and they're basically learning their positions."

Even though it only a matter of months before he's learning right next to them, Roh is currently bursting at the seams to get his Michigan career underway.

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