McLimans Developing Nicely at Worchester

Worchester Academy Coach Edward Reilly updates GoBlueWolverine on the progress of incoming freshman Blake McLimans. The 6-10, 210-pounder is showing steady improvement so far this year.

 GoBlueWolverine: How is Blake doing so far this year?

 Coach Reilly: "He is doing fine. He is a kid who is getting stronger which is one of the big features of him taking the extra year to get his body into shape and put on some weight in the terms of size and strength which he is working hard. All reports on him are very positive and he is a great young kid to coach and an excellent teammate with the other players."

 GoBlueWolverine: What does Blake do to make himself a good basketball player?

 Coach Reilly: "Blake is playing hard and is very committed to playing hard all the time. He practices hard, he does drills hard, and he carries that over into the games."

 GoBlueWolverine:  How is Blake's production on the court this year for your team?

 Coach Reilly: "Well his production is not ringing up 20 points and 10 rebounds per game, but we are very pleased with how he is working on getting stronger and getting better in terms of his skill development and facing the basket. He is working hard on things he needs to do to get better for the next level especially with his body and his game to get ready to play in the Big Ten a year from now."

 GoBlueWolverine: With regard to weight training and building him up, has the Michigan staff talked to him about that much yet?

 Coach Reilly: "John and his staff have a lot on their plate right now with games and recruiting so they given us their trust to continue his development in the weight room with his body and on the basketball floor. I'm happy to report that progress is being made and I think when he reports to Michigan this summer he will be a bigger, stronger basketball player along with being a better prospect than he was a year ago I am for sure."

 GoBlueWolverine: So Blake will becoming in the summer session at Michigan?

 Coach Reilly: "I believe so. He has talked about it before the basketball season, but we have not talked about it lately. I would assume since that is the route that most of the kids are doing now to get a couple of classes under their belt and get acclimated to the school itself."

GoBlueWolverine: Have you dealt with Coach Beilein before at any of his previous coaching jobs?

Coach Reilly: "Oh yeah. I have known Coach for sometime now and obviously value and respect what he does. He has a great insight into the type of young kid and skill set required to play in his system. I know he is anxious to get Blake and develop him, work with him, and get him comfortable with how they do things at Michigan. We talk periodically throughout the year on how Blake is doing along and how he is progressing."

GoBlueWolverine: How does Blake fit into Coach Beilein's system and the type of player he will be for Michigan?

Coach Reilly: "It is a good fit and Blake is tuned into what is happening at the University of Michigan. It should be a good marriage and both parties are very excited about getting things going this summer with his journey at the next level, but right now we are working him hard and develop him with our season along with in the spring with his weight training and conditioning to get him ready for the Big Ten conference."

"I always maintained his skill level and how he shoots the basketball really was important when he made the decision. It takes everybody a little while to fit into that particular system to learn it, but Blake is an intelligent young man and his shot is not going away. The only thing he needs to do is develop his body strength to compete at that level and it might take some time. I do not think there was anybody who was involved in this process that did not know the time factor and the amount of work that was going to be involved in this. With Blake willing and Coach Beilein able... I think that combination will be a nice fit and will work fine."

"(Blake) is a great, great young kid. Michigan's fans will enjoy his association and contribution to that program without question."

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