Relationships Could Tell Tale for Q-Washinton

Decision day is fast approaching for Saint Stephen, SC OL Quinton Washington. Timberland high coach, Art Craig filled GoBlueWolverine on Washington's decision timeline, why the star lineman settled on Michigan and South Carolina as his final two, how much of a factor distance is, and much much more.

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Sam Webb: Can you take me through the next few days for Quinton?  When and how will he announce his decision?

Art Craig: "He is going to go to Miami on a visit, and then he is going to come back in town Sunday.  Then on Monday he and I are going to sit down and talk… then I'm hoping that on Monday he'll have a decision on what he is going to do.   What he wants to do is just basically tell me what's going on and then basically I'll announce it for him.  He really doesn't want a big hoopla and he is not going to ring bells and all of that kind of stuff.  He is not one of those that is going to have three hats out there.  He is just sort of a matter of fact guy.  Pretty much by either Monday or Tuesday morning we'll going to have a decision because I told him you're just going to wake up Wednesday morning and then all of a sudden, poof, there it is."

Sam Webb: What schools will he decide between?

Art Craig: "He has cut out Clemson and he has cut out Tennessee.  That leaves Clemson and South Carolina, and then he is going down to Miami.  I would think that Miami would have to… the head football coach hasn't even been in the home from Miami.  Miami… that's a situation where he is going down there out of curiosity as much as anything else. "

"Really both schools, Michigan and South Carolina, have just done an outstanding job of recruiting.  I've been really impressed with Michigan.  This is me talking about someone from out of state coming in.  Coach Gibson and Coach Frey have done the majority of the recruiting for them and they've been just unbelievably professional about everything they've done.  Either choice he makes, I think he'll be in good hands."

Sam Webb: What were the things that Quinton saw in both of those schools that impressed him so much?

Art Craig: "South Carolina has been a school that he has been visiting at camp and stuff since he was a freshman.  I think he has just always been attracted to South Carolina partly because we're from a little small community here.  He wants to get to a little bit bigger community situation… a little town because he wanted some things to do.  I told someone today… someone that wanted to know why he eliminated Clemson and Tennessee and what made Michigan such an attraction.  I think (Michigan) benefitted from him being able to go (visit) when we had that off week.  He and I went to Michigan and visited for a game and we picked the best game that we could have gone to because we were at the Wisconsin game.  It was an electric game, they came from behind, Michael Phelps was there, and it was the 500th game ever at Michigan Stadium.  That really really helped Michigan because he got to see the experience.  Basically lets face it, all visits are visits… they're going to have a good host, they're going to feed the heck out of them, they'll see a lot pretty girls, and college is what it is.  Michigan really benefitted from him getting to see a game day situation there."

Sam Webb: How big of a factor do you think distance from home is going to be for Quinton and for his parents?

Art Craig: "Initially I thought that that would be a big hurdle for Michigan to be able to get over, but I think that his dad is really okay with it and I think his mom gradually has come to terms with it.  I was fortunate enough to be in the home when Coach Rodriguez visited and got to see how he presented himself.  He told them all them all, ‘Look, he's going to be fine, we're going to take care of him…and no matter where he is at, he's going to be away from home.'  I think he explained that they get a chance to come home a good bit, really.   I think the mom, that night, pretty much gave (Quinton) the okay… that if he wanted to go there, to go.  Really, Quinton told me that this is about him.  I know this is family, but it's about him over the next four years developing what's going to happen for him the next forty years.  I heard Coach Rodriguez say something of that nature and it really stuck with me.  I think that's the way some kids are looking at it when they have to decide what the best situation for them is."

Sam Webb: At the Under Armour game Quinton talked a lot about his relationship with Greg Frey.  Has that been a big factor?

Art Craig: "Gamecock fans say, ‘Why is Michigan so close with us?'  I told them this is where Michigan is benefiting from how Coach Frey has recruited (Quinton) from day one.  That's his position coach. Clemson had major turnover in their coaching midseason, South Carolina lost their position coach and just hired him from Illinois, he doesn't have a relationship with Miami, and Tennessee lost their whole staff.  So Coach Frey is the only person that has had a relationship with him since he came in to visit him in the spring.  I think that's the reason the Tennessees and the Clemsons have been eliminated.  Coach Frey has done a good job.  That's the guy that's going to coach him over the next few years.  I told him that's something he needs to look at too.  You want to know the person that's going to yelling and screaming at you for the next four years (laughing).  I'd say Coach Frey is probably the main reason that they've been there as far as coaches or a staff.  Coach Gibson has been great too.  He and Coach Frey have been there the whole way and they've been very good to him."

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