Robinson and Witty talk Michigan

The Deerfield Coach Art Thomas got his charges Denard Robinson and Adrian Witty on the phone with Topher Smith to talk about their U-M commitments (*Note: they will sign and send in their LOIs at 7 PM**)

GBW: So how did you come to choose Michigan?

Denard Robinson: It was when we went up on our visit. We really liked the atmosphere. We felt welcomed with the coaches and the players, and we really just felt like we were home.

GBW: What's it like knowing you're going to be playing together at the next level?

Denard: That's a real good thing. We're excited for that, because we've both been playing together all our life and we want to make it to the top together.

GBW: Denard, for you, how exciting is to be able to come in and compete at quarterback? Was there any talk about moving around the field for you?

Denard: That's awesome. It's what I wanted. Just to be able to compete for the job. As far as moving around, it's not going to happen. Coach Rod told me he'll never try to put me at another position.

GBW: Adrian, what are the coaches telling you? We know you played safety in high school. Where do you project at the next level?

Adrian Witty: They actually told me I have a chance to play safety or corner. It really doesn't matter to me, I just want to be on the field.

GBW: Now you've made the commitment, but you haven't yet signed an LOI. That comes tonight around 7 o'clock. Is that correct?

Denard/Adrian: Yes - we're waiting until tonight.

GBW: Does that allow the chance for any other schools to jump in last second?

Denard/Adrian: Nope! We got Michigan man. Michigan all the way!

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