Signing Day Capsule: Quinton Washington

For the past three years, Michigan had gone into the Palmetto State and pulled out one of their top prospects. UA-AA OG Quinton Washington continued that trend for the fourth year in 2009.

Quinton Washington
Offensive Guard 6-4/322
Timberland HS (Saint Stephen, South Carolina)
NR: *** - Position Rank: 19 Player Video
Shrine Bowl - Sr. Year #71 OG -

His Recruiting Story

"Q's" recruiting story is often told only through his high school coach Art Craig. Quinton has a well documented slight speech impediment as well as a shy demeanor, which led to all quiet on his front in terms of the media.

Even though Washington was nearly impossible to reach for the media, his exploits were documented through Art Craig. Michigan earned Washington's first official visit when they took on Wisconsin. The exciting atmosphere and win not only won over Washington, but Art Craig as well.

"I asked him, what do you think? I said, ‘are they in there?' He said, ‘coach there is no way they can't be there'. He said, ‘that was as much fun as I have had at any time, anything I have done'. I said, ‘well that is what you need to look at then'. That is when I knew that Michigan is definitely in the mix with things. Quinton doesn't say a whole lot, so when he does speak, you have to pretty much take it for as it is. When I ask him, what do you think? He is, ‘like coach they are definitely in there.' He told me, ‘I have to rethink some of the things that I had thought about because of what I saw about up here this weekend.' Now that doesn't mean that he is going to commit, but that what made me know that Michigan is definitely in the mix."

Michigan definitely stayed in until the end. Washington, who was long assumed to be joining the South Carolina class, took all of his time in making his decision. He finally revealed his choice the day before signing day. It was Michigan.

"He came in this morning and he said, ‘Coach, I think I'm going to choose Michigan'. I had a feeling that's what was going to happen, so I had a list out of pros and cons of both schools. Every time a con came up or every time a negative came up for Michigan, he had an answer. I asked, ‘what about your mom and dad? You know that they're not going to be able to see you play.' He said, ‘we've come to terms with the fact that their only going to see me play probably a couple of times, and Michigan is on TV all other games or 12 games is on TV.' So every little thing… you hope the young man has thought through the whole process. My next question was, ‘when you graduate and if you don't make it to the next level and you have to come back home, who is going to help you out? He said, there's a big fan base; the largest living alumni in the world, and I've got a brother that lives in Atlanta. If no one wants to help me, then I'll go to Atlanta.' You could tell that the guy had really sort of thought through this. He had zeroed in on everything on everybody. If had chosen South Carolina.... and I'm a South Carolina graduate and I think some people took for granted that that was going to happen. I think the Michigan coaches will tell you that I was as open as I could've been for the young man. My job as a head football coach is to make all resources available for a young man to make a decision and I don't think my job is to hinder anybody's decision or to cloud that decision. Probably in the end, I think he just had a good clear mind and his response when asked over and over again, ‘why Michigan', he said, ‘well that's the place for me.' I think most of the websites have asked me why and I said this, I think Grey Frey is the difference in him going to Michigan. Coach Gibson was his initial recruiter, but he has met his position coach since March or May of last year, whenever they first came. I think that was a big play for them and for him."

GoBlueWolverine Commentary

"Q" was the third and final verbal along the offensive line. While his position rank may not speak the true tale of Washington's skill, Rich Rodriguez had mentioned Washington at his signing day press conference saying he was one of the few at the top of Michigan's board for offensive lineman.

With depth all around at the offensive line position, but virtually no starting spots guaranteed, "Q" can come in immediately and push for playing time due to his sheer size and strength.

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