Clay Planning West Coast Swing

Scripps Ranch's high powered offense was powered by senior QB Tate Forcier and junior RB Brennan Clay this year. Now that Forcier's graduated and in school, the recruiting focus at the school has turned heavily to Clay, who has several visits on the horizon and could see new offers come with it. He talked about this and his top five in this latest update.

Just talk to Brennan Clay and it will become obvious that he is not your average high school junior. The articulate young man has his priorities straight when it comes to his future.

One of the top running backs in the west, Clay is adding new college options each day and while football is his ticket to a full ride to a lucky school, the pigskin is far from his main focus.

"Academics is always first and I'm going to college to get an education first," Clay explained, "That has always been my main goal, to graduate with that diploma and become something better in life. That is why I m going to college is education. Football is a side deal, something I do for fun."

While still undecided on his major, Clay says he is interested in studying architectural engineering, communications or business. Recently, the 5'11, 185-lb back received new offers from Duke and Connecticut, two programs with strong academic reputations. Starting this weekend, Clay will begin looking at his options a little closer as he heads to a few junior days.

"This upcoming Saturday, I'll be attending the USC junior day and I believe in May I will be taking an unofficial trip to Oregon and hopefully take a trip back to California."

He also shared his top schools, saying, "My top five is Oregon, USC, California, Stanford and Michigan and I believe that USC, Oregon and Cal are going to offer soon. I have faith in that. The coaching staffs have said they like me."

Aside from academics, style of offense at each of these schools will be something Clay pays attention to. He played in a wide open spread offense at Scripps Ranch, but that does not necessarily mean he is bound to that system.

"I consider myself a running back first, other than a wide receiver even though I play wide receiver exceptionally well," he said, "Schools like USC, Stanford and Cal run pro type offenses and I can be acclimated to that well. Michigan and Oregon's offenses are wide spread and with the high school offense I'm in now, I'm comfortable with that also."

Out of his top five, the Wolverines are the hardest for Clay to visit because of location, but with Forcier up there already getting ready for spring practice, he does have a reason to make it to Ann Arbor.

"I believe I am taking a trip in to catch Tate's spring ball game and I'll be out there for three or four days. He's called me a few times to catch up. He says he loves it and they treat him like family, but they've always looked out for Tate." With the other four schools closer in proximity than Michigan, Clay has been considering the merits of staying close or going farther away and he has decided that family comes first.

"I've been talking to my auntie and uncle about that (location) and it is going to be hard because I'm a Cali boy to get adjusted to that kind of weather. If I choose a school that is in the east, I have to get used to it, but I would love to star closer to west coast for family issues, so they can come to the games."

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