Q & A with C.J. Olaniyan

GoBlueWolverine catches up with Warren Mott DE/TE C.J. Olaniyan to get the latest on his recruitment. The versatile athlete discusses his early offers, his decision timeline, the most significant factors in his choice, and more.

Sam Webb: So how did your season go last year?

C.J. Olaniyan:  "It went pretty good.  I was kind of disappointed with a couple of games.  I didn't do very good because I was sick.  This year I'm going to try and be 100% and try not to get sick."

Sam Webb:  So what positions did you play for your team?

C.J. Olaniyan:  "I played tight end and defensive end."

Sam Webb:  When it comes to college do you have a particular position preference, which side of the ball would you like to play on?

C.J. Olaniyan:  "Probably D-end."

Sam Webb:  What were your stats at defensive end?

C.J. Olaniyan:  "I had 84 total tackles and nine sacks."

Sam Webb:  I you said that you were a little disappointed with how the season wound up, but those stats sound pretty good.

C.J. Olaniyan:  "I give myself a B.  I felt like I could have done better, way better."

Sam Webb:  So for people who haven't seen you play, describe C.J. Olaniyan's game.  Tell me the things that he does well and the things that he needs to improve on?

C.J. Olaniyan:  "He runs to the ball well.  He plays 100% on almost every down.  He makes plays.  His weakness is he needs to us his hands more.  That's what I need to do, use my hands more."

Sam Webb:  As far as colleges are concerned, what colleges are you hearing from?

C.J. Olaniyan:  "I got an offer from Michigan State and I've got an offer from Kentucky. (edt. note: Olaniyan has also been offered by Indiana).  Maryland said that they probably going to offer me. Penn State, Iowa and Michigan are talking to me."

Sam Webb:  Have coaches from any of those programs been by your school?

C.J. Olaniyan:  "Yeah.  Michigan State came, Michigan, Iowa and Penn State."

Sam Webb:  So did you grow up a fan of any particular school?

C.J. Olaniyan:  "I like all the schools that are on me.  I like them all."

Sam Webb:  So when you look at these programs what specifically are you looking for?  What are going to be the factors that make one school win out against all the others?

C.J. Olaniyan:  "Probably the education and playing time."

Sam Webb:  Let's talk about Michigan.  Have you talked to them at all and if so what are they saying to you?

C.J. Olaniyan:  "I spoke to the scout.  That's probably the only person I've spoke to.  I don't know that much about what they talking about yet.  My coach knows all that."

Sam Webb:  Okay, well lets sit down for a second and pretend that you about to go on a visit.  When you go on a visit to these schools are their particularly aspects of those programs that you're going to be looking at more intently than others?  I mean what are you looking for when you going on these visits?

C.J. Olaniyan:  "Mostly the coaches, the environment of the school and that's about it.  The coaches and the environment of the school."

Sam Webb:  When we talk about factors, you laid out a couple of things that are going to play into your decision; what about distance from home; is that going to be an issue for you?

C.J. Olaniyan:  "No not really.  My mom wants me to stay close to home, but she said that's her opinion, but she is going to let me make the decision.  She wants me to stay close to home."

Sam Webb:  So do you have a timeline for like when you would like to get this thing done? 

C.J. Olaniyan:  "I'm not really sure.  It's probably going to be close.  I'm thinking that maybe the latest before the first game of our season of this year."

Sam Webb:  So are you going to be going to anymore junior days and are you going to be going to any summer camps like any schools this year?

C.J. Olaniyan:  "Yeah, I'm going to go to a couple of junior days.  I'm probably going to go to the Michigan State Junior Day on the 21st and a couple more junior days.  I'll have to see when Michigan I might go to one or two camps."

Sam Webb:  You said you might go to a couple of camps.  Have you camped at any other schools before?

C.J. Olaniyan:  "Nope."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Olaniyan in the coming weeks.

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