McVey Names Top Three

Cleveland St. Ignatius LB Scott McVey is one of the most heralded prospects in the state of Ohio. Michigan jumped into the mix recently and is trying to peck away at the lead held by the Buckeyes. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the talented youngster to get the latest on his recruitment including word on his leaderboard, his decision timeline, and more.

It has been an eventful few months for Cleveland St. Ignatius LB Scott McVey.   Over that period the 6-1, 220-pounder has experienced pinnacle of success on the field and a rapid rise in contact with college coaches off of it.

"(The season) definitely went well," said McVey.  "I was expecting to have a good season, but I wasn't expecting to do as well as I did.  I think I had 18 sacks and 150 tackles -- I'm not exactly sure though.  Things all came together at the right time.  We won a state championship.  The coaches and all of the players put me in position to make big plays, and I was lucky enough to do it."

Soon after his season culminated with his eye-opening performance in the state title game, McVey saw his number of scholarships grow from zero to six.

"I now have offers from Ohio State, Michigan, Boston College, Michigan State, Iowa, and Stanford."

The Buckeyes were first to the party in early December and were almost successful in ending the competition before it truly began.  However, after the initial euphoria wore off McVey thought better of committing at that time.

"I grew up an Ohio State fan definitely," he admitted.  "I did kind of (think about committing), but I just decided to take things slow and explore all of my other options before I make a decision.  I just want to see which place I feel the most comfortable.  I'll know where the right place is to go."

It's clear that the Scarlet & Grey still hold the pole position in this race, but two challengers have strengthened their positions in recent weeks. 

Said McVey, "probably right now (the favorites) would be Ohio State, Boston College, and Michigan."

The obvious surprise in that leaderboard triumvirate is the presence of the Buckeyes' arch rival.  Even McVey does a double take at times.

"I'm open to (Michigan)," he said.  "I'm definitely not closed off to Michigan.  It'd be weird though (laughing)."

The Maize & Blue has benefitted from a strong push over the last few weeks.

"Actually they called the school and told (St. Ignatius headman) Coach Kyle about (their offer) and I get a letter in the mail the next day," McVey recalled.  "It happened like two or three weeks ago.  I've gotten a couple of letters from Rodriguez asking me to come up on a visit sometime.  I've been to a couple of junior days at Ohio State and Notre Dame.  Michigan invited me to their junior day, and if I can, I'll make it up.  I know I'm going to go to Michigan's spring game and Ohio State's."

Once the spring tour is over with, McVey indicated that it's possible his recruitment will come to a swift end.

"I think I want to (commit) before next season, but I'm not exactly sure when," he stated.  "It'll be before my season I'm pretty sure.  I'm not sure if I'll camp anywhere yet, but if I commit somewhere (in the next few months), I'll probably camp there."

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