R-M: how to tell a recruit's really committed

Orlando Dr. Phillips' wideout Ricardo Miller is the Poster Boy for how to REALLY commit early to a university.

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The following five items will help coaches and fans to know just which high school recruits are serious about playing college football for their university:

1. The committed player commits during his junior year.

2. He is rated as one of the top ten players in the state of Florida.

3. Said player is expected to be a high four- or five-star recruit.

4. Committed player helps recruit other players to come to the university that he verbally committed to.

5. Committed player wants his new university's fan base to know he is going to other schools' junior days just to see other places, because he promised his grandmother that he would play for the university he committed to.

Now, the committed player and his family is planning to move from Florida to Ann Arbor this summer so that he can play high school football in Ann Arbor and go to every Michigan home game this fall.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about Ricardo Miller, a Michigan verbal commit. On Michigan blogs, we always talk about "Michigan Men," and I'm not sure I have ever seen a better example than Ricardo.

To go from, arguably, the best state for high school football to Ann Arbor, just to be closer to his university is, in a word, outstanding.

Here is my prediction for Ricardo. He comes in and makes an instant impact in 2010. In 2011, he wears the No. 1 jersey with Braylon Edwards approval. In 2012, we talk about him in the same breath as Braylon, Desmond Howard, and Anthony Carter as one of best WR's in Michigan's history.

I know that is a lot of pressure to put on a young man and that's not my intent at all. I'm just blown away with his love and passion for Michigan football and hope for nothing but great things for him.

The only mistake that he is making is going to Huron High instead of Pioneer. I hope Huron has a good QB since he is going to be throwing to two top WR's in Miller and Jeremy Jackson.


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