2010 Intro: Dietrich Riley

The Michigan Wolverines have eyes for one of the top athletes in California, and the feeling appears to be mutual. La Canada, California RB/LB Dietrich Riley is a versatile prospect that projects well on both side of the ball. The Maize & Blue have ratcheted up the interest in recent days, but there is stiff competition for this Golden State star.

Sam Webb:  How did your season go last year?

Dietrich Riley:  "It went real good.  Unfortunately we went 6-5, and individually I battled through a back injury and a bad hip.  I just had to fight through it, man.  I was fortunate to finish the whole year.  I rushed for over 1300 yards and I think I had about 1700 yards all purpose.  I was first team all league, first team all state, first team all area, and I was the area MVP.  I had a great season."

Sam Webb:  Looking at your profile you're listed as running a 4.8 forty, but you have offers from Arizona, Arizona State, Notre Dame, UCLA, USC and Washington.  Is that forty time a typo or something?

Dietrich Riley:  "(Laughing) That  was old.  That was my sophomore year at the Scout combine.  I was timed as a 4.6 electric on a slow surface down in Texas at the (Army) combine.  Recently I was timed as a 4.4 hand (timed), so I've been working on it. "

Sam Webb:  Have you received any new offers?

Dietrich Riley:  "The most recent offer I got was three weeks ago from Tennessee, so I have seven total.  But I have been getting letters of interest from Michigan, Alabama, Oklahoma, LSU, Oregon… basically half of the PAC 10, Duke and Vanderbilt.  I'm starting to get my name out there."

Sam Webb:  Break your game down for folks that haven't seen you play.  Is there a player we can compare you to?

Dietrich Riley:  "To be honest, I really don't like being compared to other dudes.  I always want to be the first Dietrich Riley.  First and foremost, my versatility… you don't find too many guys that can go both ways and be a standout on both sides of the ball.  I have nice size, great speed, great vision, and I do great things with the ball in my hands.  Obviously on defense I'm aggressive and I'm always around the ball.  I've got a great nose for the ball.  I'm just physical and I find a way to outplay my opponents."

Sam Webb:  What positions do you play on defense?

Dietrich Riley:  "I played linebacker and safety.  They would rotate me back in cover 2 (as a safety), but I was primarily a linebacker."

Sam Webb:  Are any schools talking to you about defense?

Dietrich Riley:  "I'm getting some looks on offense and defense, so that's going to be another thing that's going to be hard (to figure out) when I make my decision… which side of the ball am I going to be playing on?  Some schools, since they've seen my highlight film, they love what I did on the offensive side of the ball and defensive side, so I'm getting looked at for both sides."

Sam Webb:  Is there a school or are there schools that you're most interested in at this point?

Dietrich Riley:  "At this point, to be honest with you, I really don't have a favorite school or schools.  I'm liking all of the schools that are getting in contact.  They are all great schools.  I plan on taking visits and checking them out.  So I really don't have a top five or whatever at this point."

Sam Webb:  What do you know about Michigan?

Dietrich Riley:  "They've been sending me letters on their players, their all Americans, and things like that.  They said they see me as being a top prospect for their school.  I hope they send me an offer because I wouldn't mind going up to Michigan."

Sam Webb:  What are going to be the most significant factors in your choice?

Dietrich Riley:  "Definitely playing time, man.  That's the #1 thing.  I want to be on the field right away.  I don't want to redshirt, I want to be on the field.  I want to have a great relationship with the coach.  Me and my mom have to bond with the coach and have a good vibe with him.  Then also, first and foremost, I have to say academics.  I've got to have that degree from a school that has the major I'm interested in.  Also, team chemistry.  I don't want to be at a school where different guys do their own thing.  I want to be on a team that's a family.  That's basically it."

Sam Webb:  What about distance from home?  Will that be a factor?

Dietrich Riley:  "My mom said whatever I school I go to, she is going there with me.  She wouldn't even hesitate."

Sam Webb:  Do you have a timeline for when you'd like to get this done?

Dietrich Riley:  "I think signing day.  It really depends on how many offers I have.  I'll start getting a clearer understanding of what schools I'm interested in once I start taking these official visits next year.  I'm not in a rush to make my decision.  I might end up making a decision after the football season.  I don't know what I'm going to do.  I didn't picture myself being in this situation with all of these schools after me, but I'm having fun with it."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Riley in the weeks to come.

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