Godfrey Will Take his Time

Miami Central quarterback Jeffrey Godfrey was the top signal caller in attendance at the New Level Athletics/Badger Sport passing camp on Miami Beach earlier this month. GoBlueWolverine chatted with the youngster's father recently to get the latest on his recruitment, including word on his decision timeline, visit plans, and more. Has there been a change atop his leaderboard?

Sam Webb:  A few weeks ago Jeff said that Miami was his leader, and that Michigan was a close second.  Has anything changed on that front?

Mr. Godfrey: "We sat down and talked about this the other night.  He said, ‘dad, my options are still open.  I'm not leaning towards Michigan, I'm not leaning towards (Miami)… I'm not leaning towards nobody right now. ‘Right now we're wide open, whatever happens, happens. We'll decide something in the middle of the season.  Right now I just want to have a shot as a quarterback."

Sam Webb:  Do you have a good idea of which schools are going to give him that shot?

Mr. Godfrey: "Michigan said they are going to give him a shot, (Miami) said they are going to give him a shot, South Florida, Florida International... they all say they are going to give him a shot.  But do you really know (for sure that they will)?  Will you get to that college and they don't give you a shot?  I'm trying to figure out who is going to give him a guaranteed shot at quarterback.  He wants the shot at the quarterback position, and not anything else."

" I told him, ‘when you go to these camps you've got to do what you've got to do.  Let these people know that you want to be a quarterback.  When you go to camps that's what they want to see.  They read about your height.  They've got you listed at 6-0 and everybody is looking for 6-4, 6-5, 6-6 guy… but if you look at that 6-4, 6-6 guy, his arm aint as powerful as yours, his running skills aint tight as yours, and he can't read a defense.  They look at you and they'll say he's short, but damn he has arm strength!  He throws like a rocket, he has touch, and he can also read a defense… he knows what the hell is going on the field."

Sam Webb:  Is he planning to take any visits in the coming months?

Mr. Godfrey: "Whoever send him an offer to come visit, he'll go visit.  He is dying to go visit a couple of schools."

Sam Webb:  I've asked Jeff this question already, but I'm interested in what your take on it is.  Is distance from home going to be a factor for your son?

Mr. Godfrey: "No, not really, because Little Jeff can adapt to anything.  Long as somebody shows him some love, Little Jeff can adapt to anything.  He is not saying I've got to be in Florida or I've got to be here.  He can adapt to anything.

Sam Webb:  Is there a timeline for when Jeff will make his decision?

Mr. Godfrey: "Not until the middle of the season.  He is coming up on his last year of high school and he just wants to enjoy it.  He is taking AP advanced classes so he can get out of there early.  I'd say it'll be next year… probably in the middle of the season because he'll be leaving school early next year."

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