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Tampa Catholic star Christian Green is one of the top athletes in country and was among the earliest offered by the Wolverines. The Maize & Blue wasn't the only early bird, though, as the offers form across the nation have come flooding in. Green chatted with GoBlueWolverine recently about his leaderboard, his decision timeline, and more. Will a little family assistance help Michigan in this race?

Sam Webb:  Let's go back to last season and just tell me from your perspective how you think things went?

Christian Green:  "As a team, I felt like we did pretty good.  We lost in the semifinals against Gulliver Prep from Miami.  They are a very good team.  I felt like we still didn't play our best football last year and hopefully this year we'll capitalize on those mistakes that we made and hopefully win the championship this year."

Sam Webb:  You stood out you're the team leader as a quarterback even though some believe you'll be a college receiver.  For now let's talk about the quarterback position.  Looking back on your performance from last year, what are the things that you thought you did well and what are the things that you think you need to improve on?

Christian Green:  "I think the things that I've done well is that I think I've been more comfortable in reading defenses and making certain throws in certain situations.  That is what I was strong at last year.  The thing I need to work on is just mechanics -- certain mechanical things and really just being more of a leader, not only verbally but also by example.  We got a lot of young guys coming in next year and I need to be the leader.  Telling those guys what to do and not just certain things.  So that it's one thing that I think I need to work on." 

Sam Webb:  I know a lot of schools are recruiting you as a receiver.  When you evaluate these schools, is the position that they are recruiting you for a big deal for you?  Does it make a difference?

Christian Green:  "No, not really because I feel like either way I am going to have to go in there and compete against certain guys.  I'm going to be a freshman.  It's going to be me being a freshman going in there competing for a spot.  So I really don't care what position that I play.  I would like to play wide receiver, but if quarterback is where it is then that is where I'm got to go.  Either way I'm going to have to compete, so that's what I'm ready for."

Sam Webb:  You have offers from all of the Florida schools, Michigan, USC… do you know how many you have in total thus far?

Christian Green:  "Off the top of my head, the last time I checked I had about 15, 16 offers." 

Sam Webb:  So what's the break down in terms of how many of them are recruiting you at quarterback and how many of them are recruiting you as a receiver? 

Christian Green:  "About half and half.  Half say quarterback and half say wide receiver, but like I said it don't really matter what position, as long as I feel comfortable at the school and like I said, I got to compete either way my way into that starting spot so that's all I'm looking for."

Sam Webb:  Let's talk a little bit about Michigan?  When did you first start learning about them?

Christian Green:  "As you know, my cousin, Sam Sword, he played for Michigan back in '96.  He talks about Michigan.  Every single time we have family together at a BBQ or a reunion or something, he's always saying something about Michigan and just gets Michigan Wolverines in my head.  I've known about them for a little bit now."

Sam Webb:  So how did you find out that they were offering you?

Christian Green:  "It came through the mail.  Coach Magee, Calvin Magee, he used to coach at Tampa Catholic as offensive coordinator and so our coaches, they're still kind of real tight with him.  They told me that Michigan wants to look at you.  Michigan wants to look at you and then finally I got a letter from them that they have officially offered me.  I felt real good about that.  My family has known Coach Magee for a while now going back to when he was at West Virginia." 

Sam Webb:  Your dad was telling me that those coaches, Rodriguez, Magee and those guys have been recruiting you since you were a freshman?

Christian Green:  "Yeah, when they were at West Virginia.'

Sam Webb:  Another thing I spoke with your dad about was your leader.  It's clear that you're not ready to make a decision at this point, but Florida State is your current leader.  What is it about the Seminoles at this early point sort of has them ahead of the pack?

Christian Green:  "I think it's that a lot of my family came through Florida State.  My mom graduated from Florida State, my cousin, my uncle and a lot of people that I know.  So growing up, I grew up a Seminole fan.  I feel real comfortable with the coaching staff at least the ones I've met so far.  When I go up there, I feel like it's a down to earth environment.  It is a family environment and I feel real comfortable with a lot of people.  That's one of the reasons that I think it is #1 on my list so far."

Sam Webb:  You said that you've been to Florida State; have you been to any other schools yet?

Christian Green:  "Actually, I've been to Florida too, and Florida is right there with Florida State.  It's Florida State probably a little bit right now, but Florida, they've definitely caught my eye with the way they've been treating me so far."

Sam Webb:  Have you been anywhere else but those two schools?

Christian Green:  "Not really, not really.  I'm hoping to take a trip this spring, our last spring break that we get out on spring back on April 9th and we got two weeks for spring break, so during that spring break, I probably be going around to schools and visiting."

Sam Webb: Have you talked to Michigan about making it up for during the spring or for summer camp or anything like that?

Christian Green:  "Yeah I talked to Coach Rodriguez and Coach Magee, hopefully, I'll make it up there this spring or summer, either one of those two times, I thought it might be good to visit the campus and stuff like that and see how it is up there."

Sam Webb:  Let's fast forward a little bit.  Let's assume that you are getting ready to make the decision whenever that might be.  When you sit down and get ready to do that, what are going to be the most significant factor in that choice?

Christian Green:  "First of all for me, I want to be where I feel comfortable at with the players and the coaching staff and all that.  I feel like me having a certain relationship with the players and coaching staff will definitely be one key thing in me making my decision when that time comes.  Also just me and my family sitting down and praying about it.  It is a big decision for me and my family, so we will sit down and discuss it…the key thing about what I'm looking for and what I want in the same schools so that's another key thing about where I want to go to school at."

Sam Webb:  What about distance from home?

Christian Green:  "Like I said, I think at first it was distance at home, but as I sat down and discussed it with my family, it is like, whatever you feel comfortable at.  My parents, they say they will figure out a way to get to the games and figure out a way to come and support me.  Again, my heart feels like this away from home then that's where I got to be.  So distance doesn't really doesn't matter to me at this point."

Sam Webb:  Timeline -- have you sat down and talked about or thought about how and when you want this to go down?

Christian Green:  "Like I said, hopefully, this spring we'll go around and take some unofficial visits, but I'm trying to take all my official visits out of the state of Florida, because I don't worry about visits, but I feel like I can take some unofficial visits to schools in Florida.  My official visits hopefully going to be out of the state."

Sam Webb:  So you're definitely going to take all five officials?

Christian Green:  "Yes definitely, definitely."

Sam Webb:  So that means you'll probably make a winter decision?

Christian Green:  "For me right now, I've been so busy with everything else -- I'll probably wait until signing day hopefully."

Sam Webb:  Have you been invited to play in any of the all star games yet?

Christian Green:  "Yeah I got an invite to the US Army game next year."

Sam Webb:  Are you going to play in that?

Christian Green:  "Yes, yeah I am going to play in the US Army one."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Green in the coming weeks.

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