In Focus: Spencer Boyd & Jaylen Watkins

Cape Coral (FL) High boasts two of the top defensive backs in Florida, and the University of Michigan is hot on the trail both of them. Cape Coral coach Mike Goebbel discusses the talents of prized pupils Spencer Boyd and Jaylen Watkins, their recruitment, and more.

Andre Barthwell: Can you tell us what offers Spencer Boyd holds at this time?

Coach Goebbel : "Spencer has been offered by Duke, Wake Forest, Notre Dame, Michigan, Stanford and Central Florida."

Andre Barthwell: How did he get the news about his Michigan offer?

Coach Goebbel: "I received a phone call from Coach Frey.  He called to offer Spencer.  He said a letter would come in the mail soon. I am familiar with Coach Bruce Tall on their staff.  Me and Bruce coached together for six years over at Ohio Wesleyan."

Andre Barthwell: How are you guiding Spencer through the recruiting process?

Coach Goebbel: "Well, while he is starting to entertain his offers I have mentioned to him to do some research on some of these schools. I talked to him about getting online to check out the schools that he is looking at so that he can become more common to him. We have also talked about him possibly committing early."

Andre Barthwell: Tell me about Spencer Boyd the player.

Coach Goebbel: "Spencer is a good athlete.  He has very good ball skills. He is physical and the type of defensive back that will come up and hit you.  Spencer has great vision, loose hips, he is a hard worker, tough, and a good tackler. One of his good attributes is wherever a college needs him to play -- that is where he will play."

Andre Barthwell: What kind of kid is he off the field?

Coach Goebbel: "Well I think he is a grounded young man, and with the success he has obtained he does not have a big head. Spencer is a good student with no academic problems.  He is just a very bright and smart kid."

Andre Barthwell: Coach now I would like to talk about your other defensive back Jaylen Watkins. When did you first notice he was going to be a pretty good player?

Coach Goebbel: "With Jaylen I saw that early.  He started midway through his sophomore year. As a sophomore he had seven interceptions and that was top ten in the state two years ago. Then last year he had five interceptions and I believe that was because people didn't throw to his side that much."

Andre Barthwell: Does he play other positions for you?

Coach Goebbel: "Yes he does. Jaylen was playing wide receiver for me and then last season we put him in at quarterback. It just seemed like every time that we put him in, something positive would happen.  That worked out well for us with him back there."

Andre Barthwell: Overall what do you think of him at the cornerback position?

Coach Goebbel:  "Jaylen can do it all as a corner.  He has good closing speed, he flips his hips well, and has a nice tight back pedal. As a 6'1 corner he covers really well and at that height they are at a premium. He is about 10 pounds heavier then Spencer and he is taller. I think Jaylen is a solid kid, he is good student, and he has great character. Both of those kids are great to be around."

Andre Barthwell: What offers has he received up to this point?

Coach Goebbel: "Well he has Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, Tennessee, Ohio State, Rutgers, Duke and Wake Forest that have offered. Coach Frey called in and offered Jaylen as well."

Andre Barthwell: How are you helping Jaylen sort through his recruitment?

Coach Goebbel: "Right now he is wide open -- but just like I have talk with Spencer, I tell Jaylen to get online and do a virtual tour and check out the facilities. I have also told him to look and see who they have signed and where are they from. I let both of them know that you are not the only guy they are recruiting at your position. They need to know wherever they go they are going to have to be a competitor and go out and compete for a spot." 

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