Florida DE Hauls in Michigan Offer

Kissimmee (FL) Osceola high DE B.J. Butler has been raking in the scholarships lately. He recently added Michigan to his growing tally and the Maize & Blue are currently rate as one of his top out-of-state suitors. He checked in with GoBlueWolverine this week to discuss his favorites, the most significant factors in his choice, his decision timeline, and more.

Sam Webb: When did you receive your Michigan offer?

B.J. Butler: "It was the other day when I got my mail from my coach."

Sam Webb: So how many offers do you have now?

B.J. Butler:  "It's Florida, Florida State, UCF, Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia Tech, Georgia, Alabama, Georgia Tech…"

Sam Webb: Not many guys can remember them all off the top of their head.  We'll just say you have a lot.  Let's talk about your season.  How did the year go for you?

B.J. Butler: "It went alright.  I didn't do everything I wanted on defense.  I was playing both ways because they needed me bad at quarterback.  I feel like my offense went pretty good, but on defense I don't think I did that good."

Sam Webb: What positions did you play on defense?

B.J. Butler: "I played defensive end and linebacker."

Sam Webb: Describe your game for the people that haven't seen you play.

B.J. Butler: "I have a nose for the ball, every play I give it my all, and I'm a team player.  I like to get my teammates involved.  I come out with a positive attitude.  I'm the hype man on my team."

Sam Webb: What do you think you need to get better at?

B.J. Butler: "I need to get better technique-wise."

Sam Webb: What's your height, weight, and forty time?

B.J. Butler: "My height is 6-2, I weigh 240, and y forty is a 4.7."

Sam Webb: You're being recruited for defense, but which position are most schools recruiting you for?

B.J. Butler: "They're saying both (LB and DE).  They're saying I'd be in the mix for both."

Sam Webb: What do you know about Michigan and how are they saying you would fit into the mix there?

B.J. Butler: "I talked to Coach (Rod) Smith.  He was saying if I go there I'd have a chance to start as a freshman and that I could really help Michigan out.  It's a good school.  I might consider going there.  I want to get out of Florida."

Sam Webb: You want to get out of Florida? Why is that?

B.J. Butler: "I've been here for so long… I just want to get out of here."

Sam Webb: Back to Michigan.  Is distance or weather going to be a factor for you?

B.J. Butler: "I'd just have to get adapted to the cold weather.  Anybody can do that.  It's not a big thing.  All my mom has said to me (about distance) is ‘baby, it's up to you… wherever you want to go, it doesn't matter."

Sam Webb: When you get ready to make your decision, what are going to be the most significant factors in your choice?

B.J. Butler: "The program, academic wise.  I'm going to major in business or civil engineering.  I'll look at how their program is.  Turtoring -- if I need it will it be there at all times.  The atmosphere -- I like team chemistry, so me as a freshman, if I came in there playing, how would they react to that?  That's probably about it."

Sam Webb: Do you have a timeline for making your decision?

B.J. Butler: "It will probably be during the season or after.  I haven't decided yet."

Sam Webb: Are you going to take all five official visits?

B.J. Butler: "Yeah. I know I'm not going to take any (in-state) official visits.  I just want to do out of state.  I don't know which ones I want to go to yet."

Sam Webb: Have you been on any unofficial visits yet?

B.J. Butler: "I've been to Florida.  I've been to pretty much like all of their football games – and Florida State."

Sam Webb: Are you going to any camps this summer?

B.J. Butler: "I'm going to the Georgia Tech camp.  I'm probably going to go to the Cincinnati camp with my coach because his son plays there, so I'll probably go with him."

Sam Webb: Do you have a leader at this point?

B.J. Butler: "No, not really.  My top two out of state teams that I probably really want to take a good look at are Alabama and Georgia."

Sam Webb: What would your top five be at this point?

B.J. Butler: "Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Auburn, and Michigan."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Butler in the weeks to come.

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