Badger 7-on-7 Tourney Review (part 1)

Going into the day there were three teams that were expected represent the state of Florida real well, and for the most part they all did. Here is my first analysis of some of the top kids, including 12-13 Michigan recruits.

The Central Florida team

The Central Florida team consisted of Michigan commit Ricardo Miller, Kenny Shaw, Marvin Robinson, Lo Wood, and a hand full of other Michigan prospects. The CenFlorida stumbled out of the box with an opening loss but got it back on track with two consecutive victories to follow.

-- Ricardo Miller - Tall athletic wideout really reminds me of Braylon and has the frame to support 230lbs. He has good speed and will go up and get it.

-- Kenny Shaw - arrived late but still showed great rout running ability and good hands. He needs to add some weigh but that will come in time especially in a college weight program.

-- Marvin Robinson - Marvin is a physical specimen probably 6-3 220lbs and can really move in the defensive backfield. He could grow into a linebacker but I think he has the ability to play what he wants.

-- Lo Wood - Played very physical at the line of scrimmage today and showed very good footwork. He has great awareness in the defensive backfield and has great size to match all the tall wideouts out here.

Others that looked real good on the Central Florida team:

Nickell Robey, Karlos Williams, BJ Butler, Cassius McDowell

The South Florida Express Team

The South Florida Express Team came out real strong today and have a very loaded team that includes Eduardo Clements, Quinton Dunbar, Lamarcus Joyner, Delvin Jones and many others. They finished 4-0 on the day and really didn't have trouble with any team they faced. They look to be one of the favorites in this tournament.

-- Eduardo Clements - Very solid built running back and doesn't shy away from contact but will also catch it out of the backfield for you, also showed good speed and good open field ability today.

-- Quinton Dunbar - A tall lean receiver with good speed and has and nice set of hands on him. Me made some very nice grabs today and was one of the best on the SoFlo team.

-- Delvin Jones- Played wideout today, and that is the position he prefers to play. A big physical wideout with decent speed, but looks to be a procession receiver. I think much better suited for Defense.

Some others that stood out on the SFE team:

Demar Dorsey, Toney Grimes, Ivan McCartney, Ted Meline.

The Palm Beach County team

Also another team just loaded with Florida talent, its incredible the talent these coaches have put to together. These three teams will duke it out tomorrow but believe me when I say the palm beach county team will have something to say about it. The team consist of Chris Dunkley, DeJoshua Johnson, Matt Elam, Gerald Christian and many more Division 1 prospects.

-- Chris Dunkle y- Just as his ranking states this kid is smooth in and out of his breaks and wants the ball at all times. Has decent size but definitely needs to add weight before hitting the field.

-- DeJoshua Johnson - Very small, but he might have the quickest feet at this event. Has great speed and he just finds ways to get open. He also plays very hard for having such a small frame.

-- Matt Elam - Very nice kid. Could play linebacker, safety, wideout, or running back at the next level. Florida got them a good one here. Short but he very solid and he is just oozing to hit someone out here.

-- Gerald Christian - Very tall and very build, another physical specimen out here. He looks to be a little stiff in pass coverage but nothing some collegiate training couldn't fix.

Other standouts from the Palm Beach County Team:

Greg Dent, LJ Thomas, Fred Pickett

Some prospects from other teams that really stood out

Jeff Luc

Demarcus Millner

Markieth Ambles

Tai-ler Jones

Blake Sims

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