Maize-n-Blue LB targets abound at S-Fla. 7-7

The Sports 7 on 7 tour continued this weekend on the beautiful campus of the University of South Florida. It will be hard for any camp or combine to top the overall collection of talent on hand at this event. Here's the first of a series of articles breaking down the Badger Sports/ 7 on 7 tournament -- The Linebackers.


Jeff Luc - 6'2" 230 Treasure Coast High School, FL

It's clear that touch passing leagues are not the best way to judge a prospect such as Jeff Luc. It takes some edge off the violent brand of football he likes to play. Still, a true competitor, Luc competed from start to finish, showed the ability to run with running backs step for step. He also spent time over with slot receivers, giving them a hard time getting off the line. It's zone coverage that Luc will need to improve on to become a complete football player. At this point in time, zone reads and drops aren't that natural for him. *He has a U-M offer*.

Gerald Christian - 6'3" 230 William Dwyer High School, FL

Big kid that really stood out. One of the best linebackers on hand in terms of opening up, turning his hips, and running. He literally took away the middle of the field at times, eliminating slants and underneath routes. However he is a little stiff in the hips, and was often caught off balance due to playing on the heals of his feet.

B.J. Butler - 6'4" 235 Osceola High School, FL

"Wow"! is the first thing I said after laying my eyes on Butler. A huge strong side backer with wheels, and the ability to change directions quickly. You couldn't miss him, as he was making plays all over the field. Short passing game, or long ball, it didn't matter, Butler was simply trying to get involved. A little on the raw side, but plenty of upside there. *He has a U-M offer*.

Christian Jones - 6'4" 220 Lake Howell High School, FL Jones was the first player I ran into after arriving at the South Florida campus. Seems like a great kid, but my problem with him was on the field. I watched at least four of his games, and saw him participate in less than 10 plays all weekend long. I'm not sure if there was an injury, or something bothering him, but he did not leave me with a great overall impression. *He has a U-M offer*.


Michael Taylor - 6'1" 205 Westlake High School, GA

The leader of a loaded Georgia team, Taylor was front and center all weekend long. He is not afraid to mix it up, or get into the name calling battles that his team was always in with "Team Alabama". Folks call him "Baby Ray Lewis", because Taylor backs up all his talk on the field. He made a number of big plays that prevented opposing teams from getting first downs or touchdowns. Excellent pass coverage skills, gets great depth on drops. Not really fast or overly explosive, but he can play the game.

Tyrone Cornileus - 6'2" 195 Stephenson High School, GA

Plays and looks much bigger than listed, and was probably the most consistent backer over the course of two days. Cornileus is quick on his feet, and made a number of stops for minimal gains. I loved how he was able to take proper angles, and run down plays from behind. Very impressive prospect.

Jeremiah George - 5'11" 200 Clearwater High School, FL

Like Taylor, Jeremiah George is talker at middle linebacker, but is extremely active, and just flies all over the field. He reads plays very quickly, and gets where he needs to be in a blur. Obviously, he needs to get bigger, but you can't teach what he has -- a natural nose for the ball! He also has good speed and the hips of a strong safety.

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