Skyler Schofner on his UM connections & Visit

The Buckeye State offensive lineman was one of the top performers at January's Army Combine. Here he talks to GBW about one of his recent offers -- from the Wolverines, and he also talks about his strong connections with the program in Ann Arbor ... and his upcoming visit this weekend.

When Skyler Schofner originally heard that the Wolverines were going to offer him a scholarship, he was a little skeptical because he hadn't heard anything officially from the Wolverines themselves. Now, however, there is no longer any doubt, as the scholarship did indeed find it's way to Johnstown, Ohio and into Schofner's hands.

"It's great, actually," Schofner told GoBlueWolverine. "I was hoping they'd offer me, but wasn't sure if they would. They were sending me a lot of letters and showing me a lot of interest. Now they've offered me a full ride, and it is nice knowing the University of Michigan wants me on their team."

Another feather in the Wolverines' cap is Schofner's close friendship former Michigan offensive lineman Mark Bihl.

"Mark and I ... I didn't know him really well growing up, but as I got older he went to the draft," Schofner explained. "Then he got cut and came back, and we started talking a lot and became close. He's just a great guy. He's like my big brother. I have a lot of respect for the man. I'm very thankful for Mark, and I've never had a big brother, so it's kind of nice."

As soon as the Maize and Blue's official offer found its way to the youngster, Bihl became the very first person to learn of it.

"He was the first person I called. He just told me it was exciting, and he was really glad they offered me. He told me a lot of the good things about them. He's trying to steer me in the right direction, but he's not going to make my decision for me. He's helping me out though, so I'll keep him right there."

With the attention that Michigan is showing the mammoth tackle, combined with the ties to the program that currently exist for him, many wonder if the Maize & Blue have done enough to pull ahead in the race to secure a verbal commitment. Schofner is staying mum regarding his favorites, but it's clear the Michigan has done quite a bit to strenghten itself in the the race to secure his verbal commitment.

"They're sitting up pretty high," Schofner said regarding the Wolverines. "They're sitting up there is all I can say ... I'm just not for sure (that Michigan is on top). I'm coming up this weekend. I'll be up there for a practice, and Mark's fiancée is coming with me."

The factors in Schofner's decision include: "I want to get a degree wherever I go. I'm looking for education, football tradition, and when I go somewhere, I want to go somewhere that's a family and a home away from home."

And as far as who he'd like to emulate as a player, he said: "I always wanted to be like Jake Long. I play aggressive, smart, and I just beat my opponent on every play. I'm not for sure if that'll be a deciding factor, but it could be."

In recent years it hasn't been uncommon for a prospect to set foot on campus and commit almost out of left field. While it potentially could happen with Schofner, it's something he warns is not very likely to happen.

"I'm still keeping my options open. I'm still not sure where I want to go yet. I've visited a few schools so far, and Michigan will be my fifth. I'm not too sure. I like Michigan, but I want to keep my options open right now and see what's best for me."

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