Michigan Widens Lead for Christian

The interest from major college football programs seems to be rising by the day for Pittsburgh (PA) Penn Hills standout Cullen Christian. That said, the youngster's strong visit to Ann Arbor in recent days suggests it may need to grow quicker if any of them plan to keep pace with the Wolverines.

Sam Webb:  So how was the visit?

Cullen Christian:  "Everything was good.  Everything I'm looking forward in a college, they had." 

Sam Webb:  What all did they have you do while you were up here?

Cullen Christian:  "He said I could get early playing time and maybe start my freshman year.  Coaches really like me.  I like the way they ran their practices.  The academics look right.  The coaches really into the academic stuff too because they said that they not going to let you slip up and they're all on your back.  They said they are going to be on my back kind of like my parents are."

Sam Webb:  Are they talking to you strictly about corner or are they talking to you about safety too?

Cullen Christian:  "Corner.  Straight corner.  They like the fast sort of corner and they saw my film.  They really like what I can do.  They said they are going to make me a lot better.  So I am definitely looking forward to that."

Sam Webb:  Did you get a chance to hang with or talk to any of the players?

Cullen Christian:  "I really didn't talk to any of the players, but I talked to all the coaches.  I talked to Coach Rod for like 30 minutes or something.  He's a cool guy.  He's a real cool person."

Sam Webb:  What did you think of Mike Barwis?

Cullen Christian:  "Aww man! He knows what he is talking about.  He is a little crazy, but he definitely knows what he's talking about.  I definitely want a trainer that is going to push me to my limits.  I know he knows what he is talking about."

Sam Webb:  Did they try to get you to commit?

Cullen Christian:  "I talked to Gibson about that.  He said I don't have to rush on committing to their school.  He just said he'll be around until next February.  No one is going nowhere.  He says no one is going to me recruit me harder than what he is.  I've got a lot of time.  It's no rush."

Sam Webb:  Now that you've been to Michigan and seen what they had to offer; how did it stack up to what you expected?  

Cullen Christian: "From what I've been hearing from other people that went to Michigan and know about Michigan, it's what I expected."

Sam Webb:  So what's up next for you, who do you go see now?

Cullen Christian:  "West Virginia and then Maryland and Illinois."

Sam Webb:  When are you going to hit those visits?

Cullen Christian:  "Pitt is next week.  Thursday before Pitt on Friday... That's West Virginia.  Maryland is some time in April.  Illinois is targeted around that time too."

Sam Webb:  You were saying before that Michigan was your leader. Is that still the case for you?

Cullen Christian:  "It's like to the point to me right now that if these other schools don't start picking up the pace, Michigan is going to start pulling away.  Before I felt that everybody still had a fair chance, but now it is going to pull away a little bit, so these schools are going to have to pick up the pace."

Sam Webb:  So would you say that they're definitely still #1 with you?

Cullen Christian: "Definitely."

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