Beilein, Lee, Harris, Sims, Wright Postgame

Postgame quotes from Coach Beilein, C.J. Lee, Manny Harris, Deshawn Sims, Anthony Wright.

Coach Beilein: "I'm just glancing at the stat sheet a little bit. We did everything we could to stop Blake (Griffin). The residual affect was that we couldn't stop him obviously the way we would like to stop him. I actually thought there little point guard with his long threes. He had big dagger at times were huge. I am very proud of our guys. They played as hard and as well as we could tonight. I think we're even a better team than we played tonight, but it just didn't work that way."

Question: For each one of you, give us your opinion of Blake Griffin, facing him, heard about him, seeing him on highlights, but playing him. DeShawn can we start with your thoughts on Blake Griffin, player of the year?

DeShawn Sims: "Great player, strong, takes his time. He's a great player."

Anthony Wright: "One thing he had was great body control. I didn't think that was going to be one of his major strength, but body control was probably the biggest thing."

Manny Harris: "They said it all. He a great player. He showed it today. He's been showing it all year."

CJ Lee: "Like everyone has been saying. He's a good inside presence. I like his demeanor and composure on the court. He doesn't seem to get rattled or too high or too low."

Question: Can you talk about that stretch in the first half, where obviously you had a couple of guys in foul trouble, a line up that is probably not used to being in that situation in this situation and just take over mindset and not be afraid mindset.

Anthony Wright: "First of all, DeShawn Sims and Manny Harris, their names are highlighted on every single scouting report, just having guys like that, it kind of draws away from everybody else a little bit and Manny got his second foul with 15 minutes left and I knew somebody had to step up with that scoring role and I just took the shots that I think coach would want me to take."

Question: CJ, this being your last go around, how proud of you of the guys especially with DeShawn and Manny missing so much time in the first half and guys stepping up and then sticking with one of the best teams in the county, describe how you are feeling about this team?

Coach Beilein: "I'm definitely proud of our guys. I'm proud of the possibility where we can go and just these guys did not stop until it was all over and that's all you can ask as a senior of your fellow teammates. That's all a coach can ask of his players, I'll remember that forever."

Question: CJ it looked like you got their several times on the double team on the backend of the defense and you sitting their trying to defend guy that is 6'9"-6'10" and your leaning into him and he is just leaning back into you and jumping over, what was that like?

CJ Lee: "Well it wasn't fun. We were just trying to execute our game plan. We obviously were doubling off. We didn't want to double with Blake having the ball too high because he is a good passer and he can just pass over us, so a couple of times I was probably a step or two just too late on my rotation and obviously he is taller, so he was able to put the ball in the basket. It wasn't one player, it was a team that we were trying to defend him as, so that's all we were trying to do was take the ball out of his hands or force him into a charge."

Question: Manny, all season when you've been behind by double digits, you've talked about breaking the half into segments of times. When it's a tournament game and it's do or die is harder to kind of look at it smaller rather than big picture?

Manny Harris: "It's kind of hard to look at it like that. We fought today. They made their run and we were able to fight back and cut the lead down to kind of like where we wanted it but there was some tough breaks at the end and it just didn't go our way down the stretch."

Question: When you think about the season as a whole, what do you think it says about where the program is?

DeShawn Sims: "As players, we set expectations and we say NCAA every day and knowing that if you say something enough that it can happen. It was almost a dream because expectations were high, but wasn't sure where we could go. I'm not sure if other people thought we would be in this position, but we kind of felt in our minds that we worked hard and something had to pay off. We were minutes away from the Sweet 16 and it don't get any sweeter than that for a team that finished 10-22 last year and it's a lot to build on and it's a long away for the next season."

Question: CJ do you feel a couple charges that you did not get on him when you got under him and got knocked down?

CJ Lee: "Those were just the break of the game. We're never going to second guess anything like that. That's just how the game goes. That stuff is out of our control. We can just control our effort, how hard we play and our execution. That's out of my control as a player and that's out of our team's control, so we don't second guess anything."

Question: Coach, can you talk a little bit about that lineup you had in the first half that kind of found a way to stay in there. I'm guessing that's not your dream lineup in the second round of the NCAA tournament?

Coach Beilein: "It's our Maize team that does do except for one maybe one other addition, it does do fairly well in practice every day. Anthony was a former starter, Jevohn (Shepherd) was a former starter. They've been in that situation a little bit before, but I really like the way we played, especially Anthony obviously."

Question: Coach, can you just talk about Blake Griffin and his presence and just the role of your team to combat his role?

Coach Beilein: "He first of all and again I do not want to diminish how good this young man is, he's terrific. Oklahoma is terrific. When you have guards that can shoot like that and your small forward gets six assists and his brother, who we don't hear a lot about Taylor (Griffin), he could start for any team in the country. He's a tremendous player. It's tough to defend all those things. Like I said, he might have had those 33 points and 17 rebounds and we might of won the game, if they didn't have any outside shooting. Because you can afford to do a lot more like that. He's a tremendous player, but that is a tremendous team."

Question: John when you got your technical, you were heard saying, "what are you supposed to do"; what were you referring to?

Coach Beilein: "When we were trying to double team them and just coming in and being straight. We really train our kids not to reach in, just come in and make sure that he initiates any contact, so that is what I was referring to. I don't know how you guard it if you have two guys on him and you are standing up. It's a ref's call."

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