LaTwan Anderson Has Three

The Lakewood, Ohio St. Eds safety product is looking for five schools, but in the meantime he has three 'for-sure' finalists. Is Michigan one of the three?

Latwan Anderson is a name that many fans of big time programs have come to known since the kickoff of the 2010 recruiting season. Michigan is one program that has definitely become acquainted with the blazing safety from the Cleveland area. And recently, they made a big time cut in his list.

"I know three of my five finalists right now. There's Michigan, Michigan State, and West Virginia. Basically, all of them have stuff in common right now, like academics and school tradition; just having a good environment basically."

Of the three finalists, Anderson has made the pilgrimage to both Morgantown and East Lansing, but has yet to see what Ann Arbor has to offer. He'll get his chance in mid-April when the Maize and Blue hold their annual spring game to culminate spring practices.

"I haven't been to Michigan, but as of right now I'll be up there for the spring game. It's really the only time I have right now to make a visit. I want to meet the coaches and some of the players and just see what they have to offer."

Without ever seeing in-depth what Michigan has to offer, many wonder whether they're a legitimate threat to land Anderson. He makes it quite clear that they are.

"Basically it's their school tradition. It?s one of those winning schools. People say they won't be good for a while, but I know some people that committed to Michigan and want to go to Michigan. I see a lot of potential in the people that want to go there, and I can see myself as a part of that."

One person that has recently come into contact with him will probably not-shock but definitely please the Wolverine legions ... while another may be a pleasant surprise.

"Ricardo Miller, man. I got real cool with him and I talk to him a lot. And I met another kid who's actually friends with him, Marvin Robinson. Marvin and Ricardo told me the same thing. It's all about tradition, and the coaches, and that it's just a great place to be. They're cool people, so I want to get up there and see what the excitement is all about. I want to get a chance to meet them."

All that's left now is to secure the final visit plans in April, something which Anderson has done with one of Michigan's most popular recruiters, defensive backs coach Tony Gibson.

"IIemailed Coach Gibson to find out about the spring game, and he got me the information on all of that. He just basically told me that they've got a great academic program, and that they want me there ... and that it's just like a big family."

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