Michigan Moves up with Lavey

Celina, TX LB Caleb Lavey was another of the marquee visitors at Michigan's football practice last Saturday, and the talented youngster came away from his time in Ann Arbor extremely impressed. GoBlueWolverine gets the latest on just how much the Maize & Blue bolstered its position, his visit plans, his recent offers, and more.

Sam Webb:  Just take me back over the recent visit that you had at Michigan ... how did everything go?

Caleb Lavey:  "Oh I really enjoyed it.  Michigan has the best facilities I've ever seen.  They got a great education.  I talked to the coaches.  I talked to Coach Rodriguez and Coach Hopson, the linebackers coach.  I really like him.  Their strength and conditioning coach, he knows his stuff.  He's a great guy.  He's an intense guy.  I really like him.  The facilities were outstanding.  My dad showed me around the rest.  He knew the campus real well, so he would point out stuff for me.  We just checked out the fieldhouse and the stadium and what not.  They told me where the academic building was and just after that we kind of drove around the campus and checked everything out."

Sam Webb:  You're talking about, Mike Barwis.  What exactly did you see from him or hear from him that impressed you so much?

Caleb Lavey:  "When we talked, he just knew his stuff; he told me about a certain muscle or a certain thing.  He would list off the names of muscles ... he knew everything about everything that he was talking about.  Most strength and conditioning coaches, they know what to do to get strong, but Coach Barwis knows how it works and knows the secrets because he understands the body and stuff.  He was wired up and when we went in there to talk with him, he was energetic.  It was just awesome.  He's a really cool guy and I really like him."

Sam Webb:  This is the first opportunity to have a one-on-one with first with Coach Hopson; how did that go and what were your impressions of him?

Caleb Lavey:  "I really like him.  To watch how he teaches - he's a great coach, but he's an even better teacher.  The way he handles teaching his players… he goes over in the linebackers meeting room and he takes them out before practice and they walk-through.  He has a walk-through with the players.  Even beyond the practice and everything, he was always there to correct the players; and when they did great he applauded them and told them great job and when they didn't do great and done messed up, he was there correcting them.  He was the first one to jump on them.  He just is a great coach and a great teacher."

Sam Webb:  You also had the opportunity for the first time to sit down with Coach Rodriguez.  Take me through that interaction with him?

Caleb Lavey:  "I really like Coach Rodriguez.  He left me no doubt in my mind that he will be able to turn Michigan around.  He's a great coach, a great guy.  Me and my dad sat down and talked with him.  We talked about the program and what all his plans are.  He just has a great vision for Michigan, and he'll be the coach that turns it around and turns it back into the National Championship Michigan that it always has been."

Sam Webb:  Was there any other part of the practice in particular that impressed you or caught your eye?  

Caleb Lavey:  "Probably the intensity.  The intensity that all the players shared … the overall intensity of the players.  It was just unbelievable how hyped up they were and how they were just getting after each other.  It was great."

Sam Webb:  Now that you've been to Michigan and seen what they have to offer; are they kind of where they were before or did they move up even higher?

Caleb Lavey:  "Oh it definitely opened my eyes and moved Michigan up in the ranks.  There is no doubt.  I love Michigan, and the distance really isn't a problem with me.  It just depends on how it all happens, which one I feel most comfortable at.  I would feel very comfortable with Michigan, so there is no doubt that they are on my list.  I think I got all of the questions I had answered:  to see how the coaches and players interact, the practice, the facilities, the academics ... I think I got all my questions answered."

Sam Webb:  So your dad told me that you recently got offers from Vanderbilt and Penn State?   Your dad said that he is going to be talking to you pretty soon about where else you want to go.  Do you think Penn State and Vanderbilt are two schools that you might want to make it to as well? 

Caleb Lavey:  "I really want to make it to all the schools right now, but it just depends on the scheduling and how I feel about the schools, and right now I couldn't really tell you ... but I'm definitely going to try and get up to as many schools as I can." 

Sam Webb:  While you were at Michigan did you get a chance to interact with any of the other recruits or current players?

Caleb Lavey:  "There weren't a lot of other recruits out there, but I definitely got to interact with some of the players and coaches, definitely.  It was a great experience.  I learned what I needed to learn about Michigan in order for it to be on my list and high up on it."

Sam Webb: Your dad said that you had a bunch of questions for Coach Rodriguez and Coach Hopson, but that they also had one for you.  They said, "Who are we competing with?"  What was your response to that?

Caleb Lavey:  "Oh it definitely put me on the spot (laughing).  It was a unique question.  No one has ever really asked that.  It definitely showed that they are willing to compete for me, which made me feel good.  I told them, 'A lot of southern schools.'  Michigan is definitely one of important northern teams.  I'm fairly strong about Notre Dame as well because I've visited them, and I'm hoping to visit the other schools.  That was a very unique question and although it put me on the spot, it showed that they were willing to compete for me, which ended up making me feel better."

Sam Webb:  You said that you've been to Notre Dame.  What did you think of that visit?

Caleb Lavey:  "Notre Dame has a beautiful campus.  It was real cool.  I really enjoyed it." 

Sam Webb:  You go to all these campuses of all these top programs; I imagine all of them probably have pretty nice facilities.  You said Michigan's are the best.  Is there really that big a difference?

Caleb Lavey:  "Yeah definitely.  Of all the schools, Michigan has the best facilities.  There is no doubt in my mind.  Two 100 yard indoors, a weight facility, and Coach Barwis… he knows his stuff.  He was telling me how (the players) had broken so many records in just  a year of him being there.  He is definitely a huge tool for Michigan.  I'm going to be spending most of my time with the strength trainer and he is definitely a guy that I wouldn't mind spending time with.  He's a great guy."

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