Spring Vibe at U-M Impresses Austin White

Austin White dropped in on the Michigan Wolverines Thursday to take in a Spring practice. The impromptu visit gave him a chance to see the players and coaches in their element… which is one of he prime objectives during these trips. He chatted with GoBlueWolverine about his impressions from his time up campus, his upcoming visit schedule, and more.

Livonia Stevenson tailback Austin White might be adding a lot of miles to his travel log in the coming weeks. Now that his basketball season is over the talented youngster hopes to get as unofficals in as possible. Thursday he saw his first spring practice of the year when he stopped in Ann Arbor with his parents to see the Wolverines in action. The time on campus proved to be very productive.

"I definitely got a chance to spend time with the coaches," White said. "I talked to them a lot during the practice. They were just letting me know that they really wanted me up there. It's good to see what they're like when they're at practice because it's not just all the good stuff like it is when you go visit when it's all nice and everything. You know it can't be like that all of the time. They're the same coaches that you'd expect them to be after meeting with them at the junior day. It was cool. I liked going up and seeing what kind of drills they do. The environment at practice at cool. I noticed the music playing. That was cool too. I liked that."

White previously made it clear that interaction with the coaching staff will be one of the key aspects of his forthcoming visits… and more specifically, his interaction with the various running backs coaches. Thus far, there are four that he has formed a pretty good rapport with.

"I just really want to get to know the coach that I'm going to spend the most time with," White explained. "My brothers (who attend Michigan State)… they told me that too because they know that the position coach is the one you spend the most time with. I like (his Michigan recruiter) coach (Rod) Smith. He is a great guy. Now I'm starting to get to know Coach Jackson a little better."

"Reggie Mitchell from Illinois, he's a real good guy too," White continued. "I've only talked to him once but when I did I felt like he was a really genuine guy. It was good talking to him."

"I've talked to Coach Enos (from Michigan State) who I like a lot. He's a cool guy."

"Then Coach Erb from Iowa… I like him a lot too. He seems like he knows what he is talking about. He has some NFL experience and he's just a good coach all around and a good guy. Those are the running backs coaches that I think I've spoken with right now."

Tentative plans are in place to get more face time with all of the aforementioned coaches, but heavy emphasis should be placed on the word tentative.

"I think I'm going to go to State's spring practice this Saturday, but I'm not really sure," White reported. "We were planning on it though. I'd like to go back to Iowa and see one of their practices and definitely Illinois and see one of their practices. I'm not really sure what the schedule is for me right now as far as the spring goes though. I'm planning on going to those places, but I'm not sure when it's going to happen."

Evidence of just how fluid White's plans are showed up in just the past few days. One day after this interview, which took place Thursday evening, White changed his weekend schedule. The trip to East Lansing this weekend has been nixed in favor of attending the Badger Sports/Scout.com pass camp in Columbus this weekend. GoBlueWolverine will be present at the event and will provide full reports.

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