Is Decision Day Nearing for Marc Deas?

Kissimmee FL (Osceola) DB Marc Deas picked up a big offer from Georgia recently, which in turn has caused him to evaluate the current state of his recruitment. Is he leaning toward becoming a Dawg or will remain in a holding pattern while exploring options at other programs like Michigan. 

Sam Webb:  How did  last season go for you?

Marc Deas:  "Everything went good.  My second consecutive year playing varsity and I had over 100 tackles.  Went first team All State for defense…  County defensive player of the year..  I had six touchdowns on offense as quarterback; those are rushing touchdowns."

Sam Webb:  You played quarterback?

Marc Deas:  "Yes.  Me and B.J. Butler, we rotate at quarterback."

Sam Webb:  I remember B.J. telling me that he played quarterback.  I understand you play some linebacker as well.  Are schools recruiting you more for linebacker or safety?

Marc Deas:  "Safety.  I play linebacker right now, but I'm going to be projected as a safety."

Sam Webb:  So what is your height, your weight and your 40 time?

Marc Deas:  "My height is 6'.  My weight is 185.  As of last year, last year during this time, spring time, we ran 40s on the track and they weren't lasered, but we ran them four times and those four times my average was 4.42."

Sam Webb:  I know Michigan has been one of the schools showing you a lot more interest lately, but before we get into Michigan, can you tell me what schools you have offers from at this point?

Marc Deas:  "At this point I have, University of Kentucky, UCF, Ole Miss, Texas Tech, Colorado State and Georgia."

Sam Webb:  What specifically is Michigan saying to you about their level of interest?

Marc Deas:  "They're talking about recruiting me as safety.  They haven't offered yet.  They're still debating on whether to (right now).  It's easier for a person like B.J. because of his size and everything, but that's kind of the talk now."

Sam Webb:  You obviously just got a big one in Georgia.  Are they at the top of your list?

Marc Deas:  "Oh yeah.  Georgia has been at the top of the list.  They're good program.  They've always been at the top of the list.  I was very happy when I got that offer."

Sam Webb:  Is there any temptation for you to go ahead and conclude your recruitment or are you going to wait a little while?

Marc Deas:  "Yeah.  You want to bite on it.  It's pretty much like bait and I'm like a fish (laughing).  You want to bite on it."

Sam Webb:  What's holding you back from doing that right now?

Marc Deas:  "I don't know.  I just want to be patient and see what else is coming around."

Sam Webb:  Let's say Michigan came through with an offer.  Would that affect your thinking or do you have like tunnel vision with regard to becoming a Bulldog?

Marc Deas:  "It's going to affect my decision.  I already know Michigan is another big time program.  It's like Georgia is a big time in the south, going up north.  That's just something to think about, because Michigan has a lot of history and they have big time fan base up there.  Down here, pretty much nationwide."

Sam Webb:  B.J. said he had a good vibe with his Michigan recruiter, Rod Smith.  How about you?

Marc Deas:  "He's a cool guy.  Every time he calls, he's just a laid back call.  I don't know, it just seems like…he never seems too uptight, you what I mean?  Personal level like friendly and we have a cool vibe."

Sam Webb:  Michigan really seems to be the only northern school on your list right now.  Is distance from home going to play into your decision?

Marc Deas:  "Kind of.  Not really too much, but I was digging into Rutgers too.  Rutgers is one of the top (schools), you won't really see them on, because they are not really high up there, but you'll see them in my top 10, because they like in the same wave because I have family up in New Jersey.  So kind.  Distance too far from home... it kinds of plays a key but it is not really that important."

Sam Webb:  You know how it goes in recruiting.  Some coaches are going to tell you that in the wintertime it gets real cold up in Michigan.  They get this white stuff on the ground called snow.  Is that something that is going to affect you?

Marc Deas:  "Naw, naw.  I think I be having a couple of snowball fights.  It wouldn't affect me at all." 

Sam Webb:  What about what B.J. does?  Do you discuss wanting to play at the same place?  Do you have those kind of options? 

Marc Deas:  "Yeah pretty much.  If I say, ‘oh I got an offer from this school,' he'll say, ‘oh I got one too.'  So a lot of the schools are trying to get the package."

Sam Webb:  Is that something that you guys are interested in doing or is that not really playing a big role?

Marc Deas:  "It kind of is.  We talk about it a lot.  We talk about playing for the same school and then other times… we have our good moments and bad moments.  Sometimes we could be arguing about something and then the next thing you know something just bursts out, ‘that's it, I aint going to the same school as you.  I'm going to the opposite.  We're going to look at the rival schools…(laughter)."

Sam Webb:  I know you said earlier that you're looking to see who else offers.  Just as of today, ballpark, when do you think that you'll be sitting down and making your decision?

Marc Deas:  "There is no telling.  I'm just going to let my heart decide.  I don't really want to think too much about it because it's going to be stress.  I just want to try and build a couple of relationships on the colleges that I think that will be good for me.  Michigan and UCF and whoever I'm feeling.  If I feel I really love the college and I really think it is good for me, I'm going to commit you know.  I don't really have no time set up."

Sam Webb:  What about visits? What schools have you been to and what schools are you going to try and make it to this spring?

Marc Deas:  "I've been to a couple of schools in the past.  I went to Florida State's Junior Day to check them out.  I went to UCF (University of Central Florida) Junior Day and checked them out.  I went to Rutgers this past summer for a football, so I've been to their campus.  I'm trying to go to Georgia to go for their junior day to check them out.  I want to go and make an official visit to Michigan, either that or go to the football camp and check it out.  (And) Ole Miss."

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