Minor Notes Positive Difference in Team

Last spring was full of change for the Michigan Wolverines. One year later, familiarity with the coaches and the system has led to a lot of on-field growth. In Q&A Brandon Minor discusses the encouraging signs of improvement in the team.

Question:  What are some of the positives that you've seen from the offense so far this spring?

Brandon Minor:  "Everybody just getting the hang of it, especially Tate (Forcier).  He is catching on real fast.  The first week, he thought he was kind of slow and wasn't running fast, but he was just trying to get used to the plays.  Once he got them down you could see his speed and his arm too.  He got a lot of potential.  I like the O-line.  They picked up on a lot too.  We've got a lot of reserves for the O-line too.  Last year we had a lot of redshirt freshmen that couldn't play because they were redshirted and it was kind of limited on the O-line.  We can kind of stack right there and they are getting better at it.  Vincent Smith, a freshman, he came in and he is doing a real good job.  I'm trying to make sure he understand the offense real well, try to teach him stuff that he probably can't see right now on the sideline.  Everything going good, wide receivers going good."

Question:  How is your health Brandon?

Brandon Minor:  "My health is fine.  As long as I'm out on the field, I'm fine."

Question:  Do you notice differences in the way the offensive line moves and the strength over last year?

Brandon Minor:  "Yeah.  They are doing a real good.  We breaking a whole lot of runs on the defense and that's kind of hard in spring games because like by the third practice, the defense knows all your plays.  Still to be able to do something positive out of that, that's real good."

Question:  Obi (Ezeh) said he thought the defense dominated the scrimmage; do you take exception to that?

Brandon Minor:  "Not on the first team (laughter).  I felt like they didn't dominate.  I don't know.  They dominated that last situation stuff when we got to go from the end zone, like 4th and 20.   We have a situation like it's the last play of the game, they dominated on that, but other than that…  They probably did, but it is just me talking competition."

Question:  Obi mentioned that the defense has done a lot more open field tackling, what has it been like to go against that?

Brandon Minor:  "They improved on open field tackling.  I got a tackled a couple of times in the open field.  I was kind of mad about that but it is doing better.  They are doing (much) better with the open field tackling. Coach Robinson is doing a real good job with the defense.  They are doing real good."

Question:  What's a good year for this team?  Is it getting to a bowl, is it better than that?

Brandon Minor:  "Better than that.  I hate to limit myself to what we can do.  I always think that we should be on top no matter what.  I don't care who we playing.  For that question, win it all."

Question:  You mentioned Vincent Smith, is there anybody else, a young guy that is really catching your eye?

Brandon Minor:  "It's just Vincent Smith on offense.  He's doing real good.  All of the freshmen, they are doing good.  They are doing what I except them to do but Vincent Smith, he showing a lot of potential."

Question:  What does he do well?

Brandon Minor:  "Not backing down.  He is coming in running.  Usually a running back come in his freshman year, he's kind of timid.  He got real use to hitting early on.  He handled that very well."

Question:  Will the changes on the offensive line help you as far as running ball in any way?

Brandon Minor:  "No not really.  Everything is pretty much the same, it is just another year of everybody getting use to...I would say like the workout.  Because since we changed our workout everybody was getting stronger and you could see the change.  They are starting to move people off the ball more.  Everything is the same, but it just looks better."

Question:  How drastic was that change when Coach Barwis came in?

Brandon Minor:  "It was real drastic, especially…it was just totally different.  We started doing a whole lot of free weights and running and running and more running after that."

Question:  Did you guys run as much this winter as you did last year?

Brandon Minor:  "Just a little bit less, but it was almost up to the same."

Question:  With a freshman quarterback like Tate are their things that you specifically do try and help him out in the process or things that you try to do to push him a little harder?

Brandon Minor:  "I figure he is a real good competitor.  He's just like his brother Jason Forcier, because I was here with him.  They are real good competitors, I like his attitude.  The only thing I try to tell him to do is to focus on his plays, because he got a lot to worry about and one of the main things he try to worry about is lining up – like how deep you need to be.  I just tell him, handle that just worry about the plays because you just thinking too much."

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