GBW at US Army All Star Practice

Tom Beaver, Sam Webb and Matt Pargoff spent the day today at the US Army All-Star festivities: practice for the East and West teams, hanging around the hotel lobby, and attending the evening dinner.<br><br> We have big news on <B>Prescott Burgess</b>, news on <B>LenDale White</b>, and a lot more as well.

The morning was spent watching the West Team's practice. Sam and Matt will give you scouting reports on Michigan commitments CB Leon Hall, RB Anton Campbell (playing safety for the West) and Will Paul, as well as Michigan recruits RB LenDale White and DL Carnell Stewart. I'll (Tom) just say Hall is FAST and reminds size-wise of Marcus Curry, Campbell is a very good pass-coverage safety and reminds size-wise of Julius Curry, and Paul reminds one of Dan Rumishek. LenDale White reminded us of BJ Askew (Tom Lemming says White reminds him of "Mo Clarett"), and Stewart reminds of Norman Heuer. During the breaks we had the chance to say hi to all three future Wolverines. Hall and Campbell (not shy in person like he is over the phone) are already fast friends as well. We'll have pictures for you once we get them loaded up, etc.

Then it was over to the East practice to watch Michigan commitments QB Clayton Richard, DB Ryan Mundy, and PK Garret Rivas, and Michigan recruits DB Prescott Burgess and LB Shawn Crable. Michigan commitment Jeff Zuttah could not make the game -- he's busy enrolling at Michigan. And Wolverine recruit Antonio Cromartie decided at the last second to play in the Calif./Fla. game on Saturday instead (his coach is an assistant in the game). Again, Sam and Matt will provide a scouting report on the practice. I'll just say that Richard looked VERY good in practice, and Mundy has the speed and size reminiscent of Trip Welborne. During preactice breaks we got to speak to everyone, and got some fun pictures.

Prescott Burgess had some VERY interesting new for us. Click the link to read the report.

Prescott Burgess!

After the practices there was a couple hour break before a dinner banquet for the team. During the break we followed our noses seeing what we could find ...

First we ran into Ryan Mundy's father and mother and had a fun talk with them. Do the Mundy's follow Michigan on the internet? "You be I do!" exclaimed Mr. Mundy. We real all your information! Is Michigan going to land Burgess and Crable?!"

Then we ran across Will Paul with his dad, who jumped right up to meet us. "Thanks for your great treatment of Will. I subscribe to all the sites now!" We were chatting about Will's recruitment, and asked him what he thought of the MSU facilities after the Nike camp there. "I'll just say that after coming up to Michigan this summer my mom asked me if I wanted to go over to MSU again. I said, 'No way!" Will is very outgoing -- the type of kid who could be a captain some day.

Then it was off to the banquet. After eating we spoke to Calif. WR Steve Smith and to LeDale White.

Click the link to read the LenDale White report.

LenDale White

After all banquet activities were finished, we gathered all six Michigan commitments around Prescott Burgess for a group photo. It was a 'high moment', made all the more so by the sudden appearance of at least a dozen other parents and attendees with cameras. It was a glittering 'paparazzi moment' as the crowd hummed with "Are those the Michigan kids?" murmurings.

Finally, we spoke to Clayton Richard's mother who said, "We heard you were taking pictures over here and wanted to meet you guys. Clayton and his dad have enjoyed talking with you." And Clayton's grandmother added, "I'm from Detroit and have ALWAYS been a Wolverine!"

All in all, a very enjoyable day. And we will have a lot more for you over the next several days.

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