Nation's #1 Recruit in Search of Comfort

St. Paul (MN) Cretin Derham offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson chats with GoBlueWolverine about his spring visit to Ann Arbor, his decision timeline, his upcoming visit plans, and more. 

When the nation's #1 recruit visits a college campus, it's customary for the school in question to roll out the red carpet.  Time and care are put into preparing the best possible presentation.  That's why Seantrel Henderson gave virtually no notice before making his way to the Great Lake State a few weeks ago. The 6-8, 301-pounder wanted to observe the Wolverines in the midst of the normal routine, and that's exactly what he did.

"Everything was pretty cool," Henderson said regarding his late March visit to Ann Arbor.  "They had a lot of construction going on.  They had a lot of good things on as far their new indoor facility and locker room stuff.  So everything was pretty cool there."

Particularly memorable was the atmosphere in the weight room and in practice.  Mike Barwis, once again, struck a chord.

"He's real intense," Henderson said referring to the Wolverines' strength & conditioning coach.  "Their practice is real intense too.  Michigan was probably the most intense as far as intensity and things like that."

Joining Henderson on that visit were a couple of other prospects, one of whom was good friend, dual-threat QB recruit J.D. Pride.  The two youngsters have openly stated their desire to play together on the next level.

"We're thinking about it," Henderson reiterated.  "We like the same things but then there might be something that he might not like.  We'll try to make that happen if that will be better for both of us."

To date, Henderson and Pride are on opposite ends of the offer spectrum.  The summer and fall will be very telling when it comes to the number of options available for the two as a package.

 "I think (Pride) really has one (offer) right now (from Minnesota)," Henderson reported.  "He had a bad last year because injuries and everything.  This year might go better as far as getting recruited."

The Gophers have obviously had Henderson as a major priority as quite some time, and their courtship of Pride has only helped their cause.

"Home is always in the top 10," said Henderson referring to Minnesota's standing.  They're in there."

Aside from Minnesota, other schools that have been mentioned prominently in the mix are Florida, Florida State, North Carolina, South Carolina, Michigan, USC, Oklahoma, Ohio State, and Notre Dame.  Many of those programs are in line to receive visits in the coming months.

 "I'm probably going to Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma and Florida, USC and UCLA too," he reported.

Any visits not taken in the offseason will likely be taken in the fall as officials.  While on the various campuses Henderson will be looking for what all recruits are in search of.

"Everybody says first is education, and I think about that a lot too," he said.  "I think about what I want to major in and things I want to do.  I want a school that is going to give me a good education in the end… just pretty much a school that I'm comfortable with."

At the moment this talented youngster isn't in any rush to determine which school that is.  He'll have plenty of time to compare and contrast his suitors thanks to a timeline that calls for him to make his decision after the season.

"I think I might announce it at (an All Star) game," he said.

Both the Army All American game and the ESPN Under Armour game are courting him.  He was at one time rumored to be headed to the Army game, but Henderson indicated that that decision is still up in the air.

"I'm still trying to figure that out too," reported Henderson.

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Henderson in the coming months.

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