GBW's US Army Scouting Report

Unlike the others reporting rumors that are floating back (or one who snuck around outside for a half hour this afternoon), GBW is actually here!<br><br> Another day of practice today, Saturday (the game is tomorrow at 7PM EST). Here is Matt Pargoff and Sam Webb's scouting report on Michigan commitments and recruits participating in the game.

Leon Hall: Honestly, Hall was one of the most impressive players that we saw all day. He is about 5-11, and has a very slight build. But wow, Leon Hall is quick and fast. He showed a competative streak, sticking close with opposing receivers, and never giving up on a play. Even delivering a nice little hit on wide receiver Limas Sweed Jr, who had managed to catch a five yard out on Leon. What made it unusual, was that it came during a non-contact drill. There were no hard feelings.

Anton Campbell: Campbell showed impressive speed and quickness. He's about an inch taller than Hall, but already more physically developed. He has the frame to play at about 200 pounds, without slowing down or losing flexibility. He appeared physically similar to Julius Curry while playing free safety, and displayed great coverage on the deep ball. Campbell ran stride for stride with All-American running back Reggie Bush, to break up a combo pattern. While he will play defensive back in the game on Sunday, Lemming told us: "The Michigan coaches have told him that he'll be a tailback. We needed defensive backs for the game, so that's where we put him."

Ryan Mundy: Mundy was right up there with Hall as one of the most impressive players that we saw. He showed great speed and coverage against the deep ball, staying with every receiver that he faced. We were only able to see him in passing drills, so couldn't make much of a determination on his skills in run support. But the coverage that he showed was nothing short of spectacular. In particular, he made an eye popping interception against Brady Quinn, leaping high in the air to grab the ball at its highest point. We'll have a great picture of that interception up on the site soon.

LenDale White: Unfortunately, we weren't able to see much of White in a playing situation. But in the afternoon, we spoke with Tom Lemming who stated: "LenDale is a really good runner, and he has the same type of body that we saw in Maurice Clarett." When we later had the opportunity to speak with White, we could see for ourselves what Lemming had been talking about. Simply put, LenDale White it huge. As just a senior in high school, he has a similar size and build to what BJ Askew looks like today.

Will Paul: Paul was practicing at MIKE linebacker, but with his size, defensive end is his most logical position. In punt coverage, he showed very good strait ahead speed. However, it was difficult to completely gauge his abilities while playing out of position. Like Campbell, he was placed at linebacker out of necessity for the game.

Carnell Stewart: Stewart was one of the biggest players that we saw, and amazingly, it seems that he has room to fill out out. His size and build are similar to the way Kyle Ealey looks now! As Anton Campbell exclaimed to us: "He's quick too! He's really good." We didn't get to watch Stewart practice too much, but we were able to observe his cat like quickness and speed when he chased Kyle Wright out of the pocket(we'll have a picture on the site). In speaking with him briefly, he confirmed that he will make his visit to Michigan in late January.

Clayton Richard: Richard looks bigger every time that we see him. He's a tall 6-5, and has a very impressive build. He dwarfed Notre Dame commitment Brady Quinn, who Richard has developed a friendship with. Clayton has a riffle for an arm, shows great poise in the pocket, and very good accuracy. When we asked Quinn and Richard about playing against each other for the next 5 years, Quinn exclaimed: "I can't wait for that! I can't wait until we get to go up against each other."

Garrett Rivas: On kickoffs, Rivas was able to consistently put the ball into the endzone, or to the goalline. He made every fieldgoal that he attempted, but they were mostly from short range. However, in warm-ups, without a rush, he made multiple 55 yard fieldgoals. He looked about 5-10 to us, with a solid build.

Prescott Burgess: Burgess practiced at strong safety, often lining up along side Michigan commitment Ryan Mundy. Burgess doesn't have the same type of speed as Mundy, but he is certainly fast enough for the position. He also showed flashes of great athletic ability and quickness. Burgess stood about an inch, or an inch and a half taller than Mundy, and he is very physically developed. Expect the debate to rage on about his best position well into the summer, even after he enrolls in college. In speaking with Burgess, he informed us that "I'll play strong safety", when playing at the next level. But given his size, he could certainly develop into a linebacker.

Shawn Crable: We were only able to watch Crable practice in the passing drills. When we saw him play against Warren, Harding he showed very quick recognition against the pass. He continued to show good ability to get deep in his drops against the pass. Because of his height and long arms, he will be very tough to throw over or around. He one of the tallests players out of all the players here in San Antonio.

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