Olaniyan Making the Recruiting Rounds

Warren (MI) Mott defensive end C.J. Olaniyan has been a busy man in recent weeks. Road trips across the Midwest have allowed him to drop in on a number of Big Ten programs. He has also made a number of stops in Ann Arbor, including an impromptu trip yesterday. GoBlueWolverine caught up with him to get the latest on his recruitment, including an updated visit schedule, offer list, timeline, & more.

Sam Webb: I see you dropped in on Michigan a few days early.  So who did you get a chance to talk to up there (Thursday)?

C.J. Olaniyan:  "Coach Singletary, Coach Smith, and the defensive line coach.  When I first came in Coach Rodriguez waved at me, and then when I was leaving I spoke to him a little bit."

Sam Webb: What are they saying to you at this point about how they see you fitting in?

C.J. Olaniyan: "They said they have a need for defensive ends and they said the faster I come in there, the sooner I start working on learning the plays and techniques and stuff."

Sam Webb: Do they talk to you very much about making an early decision?

C.J. Olaniyan: "It's even.  Sometimes they'll ask me when am I going to commit early and sometimes they don't say nothing about it all."

Sam Webb: Are any new schools talking about offering?

C.J. Olaniyan: "Purdue just offered (Thursday).  My coach told me that LSU may be offering soon.  He said Georgia talked to him a little bit too."

Sam Webb:  What all schools have you hit in the last few weeks?

C.J. Olaniyan:  "Penn State, Iowa.  We were planning on going to Cincinnati and Ohio State, but we have to go down on the 18th."

Sam Webb:  What is your impression of those places that you've been?  Were they better than you thought, about what you expected; how did they stack up?

C.J. Olaniyan:  "It was all interesting, especially Penn State.  I kind of like that a lot.  I liked the academics class.  They run the academic stuff.  The academic coordinator told me that every week they sit down with the players and they go through whatever they did, whatever homework/project they get and they check it off to make sure they do it right.  They have somebody go through it and make sure it is right and then they can turn it into the professors and stuff.  There academic facility is just for football players only." 

Sam Webb:  So it sounds like that stuck a little bit more than Iowa did to you?

C.J. Olaniyan:  "Naw.  I liked Iowa coaching staff.  They seemed like regular people.  They're not going to give you a lie to you or nothing.  They're going to be straight up with you."

Sam Webb:  Coach Milanov said that one of the things that you were going to try and do on these visits is to try and find out about these schools so that you can get a better idea of when you might be ready to narrow things down subsequently make a decision.  Do you have a timeline for those decisions?

C.J. Olaniyan:  "Yeah.  I'm about go to about six or seven schools.  We're supposed to do three schools in like two days, Ohio, Cincinnati and then after that Kentucky."

Sam Webb: Do you have exact dates for any of those?

C.J. Olaniyan:  "On the 18th Ohio state, 19th Cincinnati, and the 20th, probably Kentucky.

Sam Webb: Is that going to be it for you as far as visits go or are you going to try to hit some other places?

C.J. Olaniyan:  "I'm going to try to hit some other places… like this Tuesday I'm going to go to Michigan State.  After we come back from break I'm going to try to go to some other places.  I think around May I might go to Illinois because one of our football coaches is in the Strongest Man contest, so he wants me to come along so I can see the (Illinois) coaches and then I can come watch the tournament."

Sam Webb:  Do you have a top five schools at this point?

C.J. Olaniyan:  "I don't really have a top five.  I am still open with everybody but as I'm going through the schools when I get home, I just write all the schools down and just look at the pros and cons for every school that works best for me."

Sam Webb: We never did get to the bottom of when you planned to narrow things down.  Do you have an idea in your head when you would like to get this decision made?

C.J. Olaniyan:  "Yeah I got an idea."

Sam Webb:  When is that?

C.J. Olaniyan:  "I can't say right now (laughter)."

Sam Webb:  Alright man.  So you'll definitely be at Michigan's Spring game Saturday?

C.J. Olaniyan:  "Yeah.  They're taking pictures and game film for the (Army) All American thing on Saturday.  I'm going to be there for the Spring game, but I might not make it for the All American thing."

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