GoBlueWolverine Chats w/ ESPN Analyst Trev Alberts

The staff of GoBlueWolverine ran into Trev Alberts at the Alamodome on Saturday morning, while covering the US Army All Star Game. Read on for our exclusive interview with the sometimes controversial ESPN analyst.

On the Big Ten's impressive performance in the bowl games:

Alberts: Redemption! This was really a redemption for the Big Ten conference. The last two years, they've been really terrible in the bowls. But they really proved themselves this year.

The WAC did well too. They went 2-1 I think. It was really a reversal of what everyone expected. Everyone thought the Pac Ten and Big Twelve would be at the top, but they were both awful. But the Big Ten and WAC did great.

On his prediction that the Big Ten would go 0-7 in the bowls:

Alberts: What? I never said that....No, I never said that. Hey Mark (May), get over here. Did I ever say that the Big Ten wouldn't win a bowl this year?

May: Yeah.

Alberts: (laughing) I think I predicted that they'd go 5-2....Really though, the Big Ten proved a lot this year.

On Nebraska (Albert's alma mater):

Alberts: They stink. They really need to pick up their recruiting. They just don't seem to have the great talent. That's the main thing. I mean, look at this: there isn't anyone here (at the US Army All Star Game) that's going to Nebraska.

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