Mundy Has What It Takes

Ryan Mundy has been outstanding in the practices we've witnessed thus far. Here is a more detailed description of the play he's exhibited thus far.

Michigan fans have been hearing about Ryan Mundy for over a year now. The excitement reached its apex when he finally announced his commitment to Michigan! Since that commitment, many of us witnessed Ryan play in the Pennsylvania state title game. He made a few big plays and looked very good overall in that contest. However, there were murmurings from some Pennsylvania viewers that Ryan might be a few years away from being able to contribute at Michigan. I've now seen this kid play 3 times and I think that such talk is nothing more than sour grapes. If Ryan's services are needed, I think he's well equipped to be a positive factor on the gridiron.

The first thing you notice about Ryan is the amazing physical shape he's in. It's obvious that he's great friends with a nearby weight room. That said, the muscle mass that Ryan has accumulated has done nothing to diminish his great speed. He has shown amazing ability to get to point A to point B as fast, if not faster, than any other DB here.

While Ryan's size and speed are great assets, they're only part of what makes him special. I spoke at length with Ryan's dad and he detailed a few of the drills he put Ryan through to enhance his ability. One of the most memorable was a drill that required him to wrap Velcro around his waste. He then wrapped the opposite piece around Ryan and connected it back to his(Ryan's dad's) waste. Afterwards, he went through various patterns and movements. The object was for Ryan to keep the Velcro attached. If the younger Mundy disconnected the Velcro, "there was hell to pay!" Such drills increased Ryan's reaction time and ability to flow to the ball.

Another trait we witnessed on numerous occasions was Ryan's tremendous ball skills. His dad said he felt that Ryan acquired that skill by playing wide receiver. Regardless of how it was attained, it's something that many fans have openly clamored for for quite some time. Well Michigan fans, this kid can really go up and get it! Just ask Brady Quinn. He threw the pass that Ryan is intercepting in the photo gallery.

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