Leon Hall Practice Report and Pictures

Leon Hall has been one of the most impressive players that we've seen in San Antonio. Here is a more in depth practice report on his abilities, with exclusive photos from the West Team practice.

Hall is not the biggest player on the field by any means, but he's certainly one of the fastest. He stands about 5-11 and 175 pounds. Physically, he looks very similar to Markus Curry. But what Hall lacks in size, he makes up for with his speed, quickness, and determination.

From what we've seen, Hall is extremely competitive, and never takes a play off. Not even in practice. He worked to break up every single pass that came his way. He has the speed to stay with anyone on the field, and showed good technique, cutting off receivers that attempted to go deep on him. What we found most impressive was his ability to stick close with every single receiver that he faced. He was never more than two feet away when ball arrives.

As we described yesterday, Limus Sweed was able to catch a five-yard out on Hall, but the instant that he tried to turn up field, Leon delivered a nice shot to the mouth. The competitive way in which attempts to challenge every catch is somewhat reminiscent of Marlin Jackson.

Unfortunately, we were only able to watch Hall against passing drills. As a result, we could not assess his skills in run support. Given the effort that he displayed in coverage, he will likely do well against the run as well. We will certainly keep an eye on him tonight.

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