Boyd Blown Away by Michigan

Cape Coral, Florida defensive back Spencer Boyd made the trip up to Michigan with his father yesterday to take a glance at the Michigan football program. GoBlueWolverine chatted with them after the visit concluded and it's clear that Michigan has made a major impact on both of them.

Michigan's football program seems to be riding high these days. It started out with 15,000 fans walking through the locker room before the alumni game on Saturday. Shortly after that, 50,000 spectators flowed into the Big House for the spring football game.  Now all of the excitement bubbling up in the fans and players is trickling down to recruits as well. Spencer Boyd the 5-10, 175-lb. defensive back out of Cape Coral, Fl had a chance to see Michigan up close and personally yesterday, and he was not disappointed.

"I had a great time up at Michigan," said Boyd.  "I was very impressed with the facilities, weight room, the Big House and the coaches".

The atmosphere around Michigan's program is one that fosters strong relationships and makes families feel comfortable on campus. That attitude starts at the top with one man.

"Me and my dad went to meet Coach Rodriguez in his office he is real cool and down to earth," stated Boyd.  "Coach Rod made me feel that I had known him for a while".

Spencer's father Scott had heard quite a few things about Rich Rodriguez since he too is a native West Virginian.  The elder Boyd was looking forward to separating what was fact from what was fiction.

"I had heard things about Coach Rodriguez, but it didn't matter I wanted to see for myself," Mr. Boyd said.  "Our first time meeting was in the weight room.  He walked up to me and introduced himself. He asked me where I was from and I told him Charleston, West Virginia.  He said, ‘I don't get up there as much anymore," and man we laughed about that (laughing). It broke the ice and put me at ease.  Coach Rod is awesome he made me feel good and showed me some love.  He has a great sense of humor. I really like him".

The Boyd's also had a chance to attend Michigan's last practice of the spring.  After seeing what it was like, they came away with a lot of confidence.

"I just want to compete," Spencer said.  "I looked out there and felt that I could come here and compete to play out on the field. I was looking at the defensive backs' bench press, shuttle, and speed times, and I was right up there with them numbers wise. As I said before, I just want to compete and have a chance to start".

Mr. Boyd looked out onto the field and felt the same as his son did.

"I feel real good about my son competing against them," he said.  "They have some talent on that field."

As much as Spencer and his father they really liked the football side Michigan, both were equally impressed with the importance that Michigan puts on academics.

"When we talked to the coaches and the academic advisor, they talked about the academic assistance that I would receive," Spencer recalled.  "Michigan puts a lot of emphasis on academics. I would like to thank Coach Frey because it was getting late and he stayed with us until 8:30 to finish the academic part of it. We talked about that for a while and they were very thorough with it. "

Mr. Boyd was similarly impressed.

 "That really stood out to me," the elder Boyd added.  "They have a real nice academic center and everyone in there was working there was not a lot of talking just working. I didn't realize Michigan puts such an emphasis on academics they way they do".

Now that the Michigan visit is behind them, the Boyds will continue on their mid-west road trip this week with stops at Ohio State today and Notre Dame on Saturday (for their spring game).

Coach Rodriguez told the youngster one more tidbit knowing that he was visiting other schools.

"Coach told me that he likes that I am visiting other schools because he is confident that his program is as nice as any other program that I am visiting."

It was an aptly timed comment since the Wolverines set the recruiting bar during Boyd's time in Ann Arbor.  One thing that they will take with them on each future visit is how impressed they were with Michigan.

 Ohio State is now on the clock.     

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Boyd in the coming weeks.

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