Miller In the Spotlight

Soon, Ricardo Miller will move from Orlando to Ann Arbor and play his senior season at Huron High. Last weekend, Miller was up at the Michigan spring game, where he was one of the most recognizable recruits to fans there.

As he walked through Michigan Stadium, fans called out Ricardo Miller's name. Person after person requested autographs and pictures. When someone joked that he should run for mayor, he simply laughed.

A Wolverine commitment since last year, the Orlando Dr. Phillips product has been so firmly committed in an era when a verbal commitment is never a sure thing that he is moving to Ann Arbor this fall to be closer to the school. Needless to say, Miller shouldn't have any problem making friends.

"It felt great," he said, "The fans, the crowd and the whole atmosphere was different from when I first came and wasn't known. I had committed when I went out there, but nobody really knew who I was. Then I went to some camps and combines and people started to be more known to fans."

Miller has made no secret of his efforts to recruit other players to Michigan and has rallied other Wolverine commitments to do the same.

"Me, Marvin, Jeremy and Devin, us four should be able to get anyone in the country," he explained, "I talked to Stephen Hopkins there and he ended up committing. I talked to Will Gholson. I've been working on Will and he seems interested but he's not ready to make a decision so I'll keep working with him."

While watching the game itself, Miller was excited by what he saw out of the Wolverine offense.

"Tate was awesome. His arm will only get stronger and over the news few months, his arm and his development will improve and he already has good arm strength. With him being the quarterback and wide receivers like Roy Roundtree and Greg and Martavious, I think with me and Jeremy coming in too, we could be unstoppable. Then we have running backs like Michael Shaw and Vincent Smith backer there and us coming in, we can help Michigan get back to the top."

Forcier and Smith were two of seven freshmen who graduated early and took place in spring ball. Miller is currently taking the steps necessary so he can not only do the same, but also move up to Michigan sooner, something he is chomping at the bit to do.

"I confirmed it today, I'm taking my English 4 credit and that's the only one holding me back. I'm starting that credit next week, so I'm on the road to graduating and I'll also be able to move to Michigan in June instead of July, so I'll be able to get up to Michigan after that."

Even though he has never lived in Michigan, after this weekend's events, Ann Arbor already feels more like home.

"I can't wait!"

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