Michigan Turns up Heat on Zeigler

The Michigan Wolverines have hard on trail of Mt. Pleasant (MI) SG Trey Zeigler for over a year. Now they're on it even harder. In recent days members of the Maize & Blue coaching staff have been busy at work reiterating to the versatile youngster that he is one of their top 2010 priorities.

College coaches will have to wait to see how he benefits from being surrounded by other capable players thanks to a new NCAA rule barring them from attending events this month.  To compensate, coaches from across the country are making their way to high school gyms to take advantage of the contact period. When it began last Thursday, Michigan headman John Beilein was in Mt. Pleasant checking in on Zeigler.

"We had a regular work out," Zeigler said describing what Beilein observed.  "We just did some shooting drills and some ball handling stuff.  It's nice that he came up to the school."

Beilein's early attendance further demonstrates how much of a priority the 6-5 200-pounder is for the Wolverines.  It could also be another example of what the youngster describes as a gradual rise in the sense of urgency in his recruitment by the Michigan coaching staff.

"I talked to Coach Jackson and he's (been turning up the heat) a little bit," Zeigler said laughingly.  "A little bit.  He talked about just how interested they are in me and things like that… how they see me fitting and what they I'll be able to do in the system.  They do (also) add the success that they've had (this year) to the story.  I haven't talked to Coach Beilein yet.  I have been playing phone tag with Coach Beilein since (the workout)."

Michigan was already a strong presence in Zeigler's recruitment prior to the season, but the Wolverines' return to tournament play has made them resonate even more.

"I think it speaks volumes about the coaching staff… what they've been able to do," he said.  "To go from not making the NCAA tournament since '97 or '98… for them to step in and get through and be in the tournament, I think that says a lot."

As positive of a sign as that is for the Maize & Blue, another program is successfully using its season as a selling point as well.

"It was a nice run Michigan State had," said Zeigler.  "I wasn't expecting them to get that far at all.  They have been talking about (their run to the title game)."

At the moment Zeigler also holds offers from Providence, LSU, Dayton, and Miami, but he has noticed a clear distinction between how heavily he is recruited by his in-state and out-state suitors.

"You've got to say the in state schools are harder on me than anybody else because they're always around," he explained.  "Outside of the in-state schools, probably Arizona State (is recruiting him the hardest)." 

In the coming days, the non-Michigan contingent of Zeigler's list will likely be working hard to get him to sing a different tune.

Reported Zeigler, "This week coming up we've got Arizona State, LSU, Providence, Dayton, and Miami (coming to Mt. Pleasant)."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Zeigler in the coming weeks.

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