Post Game Burgess Musings

We just left the game after what was a very eventful night for Michigan fans. Not only were the maize and blue faithful able to view six commitments in action…they were also able to witness the matriculation of a high school superstar into the fold. This announcement, however, was not without its bumps.

When we first ran into Prescott a few days ago, he was amazingly candid and relaxed with us. He told us that he was going to Michigan and that he would probably announce during the game. Another surprise was that Prescott's imminent commitment to the Wolverines seemed to be common knowledge amongst the other east players. We asked a whole group of guys about Prescott and they all reacted as if Burgess to Michigan was old news. Tom Lemming, (who was the only other reporter there), was also told the exact same info about an hour later. Later in the afternoon, more players confirmed Prescott's intentions to us. The evening culminated in Prescott posing for several pictures with the other Michigan commitments and informing the media relations people and us that he was going to call his mother and tell her he had his announcement for Michigan set up. (We'll be posting many of those pictures on the site as the week goes along.)

The next day there were A LOT more reporters present. The atmosphere wasn't as informal as it had been the day previous. The candor and relaxation was replaced by a little guardedness. That was a catalyst for speculation. One of the most illuminating incidents occurred when I overheard an interview with Prescott. The reporter in question asked Prescott where he was going to school and Prescott did not give an answer, but did mention that he'd be announcing the next day. That reporter then went over to his colleagues and said "he's choosing OSU tomorrow." I knew that to be nothing but pure speculation. But to be safe, before we left, we briefly took Prescott to the side and he quietly re-affirmed his Michigan intentions. He did the same with Lemming later.

Then, that evening news stations in Columbus were reporting that Burgess had already committed to OSU and was announcing on Sunday (editors note…We didn't see ONE Columbus TV station at Saturday's events.) The only thing missing were quotes from Prescott himself. My point in writing this story is to address practices that we will not employ. We will never post an interview or update that speculates on a kid's intentions beyond what is told directly to us. When we posted the update where he said that Michigan was his leader and that he was announcing the next day, we quoted him. He told us that we could put that story up. When I shot the photo of the Michigan commitments I told Prescott that I would take the picture without him since he hadn't told his mother and set a definite time for the announcement. He told me "no, I'm going to Michigan. I'm calling my mother tonight."

So, we weren't haphazardly releasing this info. There was a lot of attention given to making sure we weren't running speculation on the site and to making sure that we weren't printing something that the kid didn't want us to.

We heard enough info this weekend to fill this site with updates for the rest of the month. However, many of those updates would be speculative, contain second hand info, or include info that kids don't want released. Therefore, you won't be seeing those here. This is one issue that we won't compromise on.

Finally, I'll close by welcoming Prescott to the family and congratulating him on his choice. At the same time I must convey my admiration for the self-assuredness, confidence, and guts it took to make this decision. After witnessing first hand the type of pressure that he and many other kids endure, I can't help but be impressed. I was absolutely shocked by some of what I heard. The innuendo and untruths spread about Michigan is utterly flabbergasting. I had a conversation with an Ohio coach (who shall remain nameless) that brought much of this to light. I'll go into more detail about that exchange at a later date on the premium board.

Welcome Prescott Burgess!

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